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What We’ve Been Up To

Hi everyone,

Over the past five months my family and I have had some wonderful opportunities to travel to different parts of Australia and explore some amazing places (I will post some photos soon of the beautiful places we have visited), with new experiences and lots of learning – not only about my environment, but also about myself and about love. Travelling to new places and being out of my comfort zone was a great way to learn more about myself and how I react/respond to new experiences and also what areas in my life need healing that I wasn’t aware of before.

TasmaniaIn between travelling I completed my first eight week mixed media art classes, which was inspiring, challenging and fun. My daughter started her senior years in high school and my son started Uni – a busy time with lots of new experiences and learning for us all, so I haven’t had time to write nor have I felt like writing publicly as I have been working through many things throughout my travels.

For the readers that are also following my food blog Jennene Hart, I will be adding my favourite food travels and some new recipes in the coming months.

Quinoa Salad

One other exciting opportunity was to attend an inspiring two hour talk on Wednesday night at Newcastle given by Chris Buck the Director and Creator of Disney’s movie Frozen. Chris talked about his journey from the beginning to where he is now and the process of creating Frozen, which took four years to complete. On Thursday I attended The Art of Story Masterclass with Chris Buck, which he spoke more about what is involved with creating Frozen – I was amazed at the amount of work and different areas of creativity that goes into making an animated movie. It was so inspiring to see the beginning sketches, ideas, and changes and then to see it in completion – incredible and magical. Amazing what we can do when we put our loving passions and desires into action.

Chris Buck

Hope you have all had some wonderful opportunities and new experiences in the New Year.

With much love to all,