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March 2017 Update

The past year has been very busy for me with lots of exciting changes and lots of opportunities to learn more about love. There has been lots of challenges along the way, but my desire to want to change and follow my passions and desires made it all possible.

I have had another wonderful opportunity to attend the 2nd and 3rd Education in Love Series; Developing My Loving Self and Understanding God’s Loving Laws, which were presented by Jesus in the 2nd and Jesus & Mary in the 3rd series. I am very grateful that I was able to attend all of these events as this information is so valuable and life changing in a very positive way.

Mary teaching at the 3rd Assistance Group – Understanding God’s Loving Laws, November 2016

Learning how to love in a real way from God’s perspective is life changing in itself, which has helped me to examine all areas of my life that are not in harmony with God’s Way.

Learning about God’s Principles and Laws has further highlighted areas that need healing and correcting in my life, my soul and the environment I am living in. What is exciting and positive is I now know that I can do something to change the life that I had previously created into a life that is in harmony with God’s Way.

I have been experimenting with some of God’s Principles in different areas of my life and I have seen instant, positive changes, which is quite amazing to witness. One of the area’s I have been experimenting with is about being true to myself and expressing the truth in a loving way to people that have tried to control me, or have not been truthful in their interaction with me. This wasn’t easy for me to do, but I have learnt from past experiences that being quiet and not addressing issues does not do good for anyone. Although, I am also learning there are times when I need to remove myself from unloving people and give myself and others time to feel and reflect about unloving issues. When I see positive changes happen so quickly from following God’s Principles of Love, it builds my faith and my desire to keep experimenting in other areas of my life.

My seven duck friends that would come and visit me each day at the resort; it was joyful sitting on the porch when they came and watch them wander around and swim in the pond – so cute. A lovely, peaceful resort; I really enjoyed staying here.

After the 3rd Assistance Group finished in November 2016 our house went up for sale and we spent a few weeks looking for rentals, packing and getting ready to move from NSW to Queensland. I have been wanting to move to Queensland for a few years and now I finally made it happen.

Jesus talked a lot about the importance of desire in the Education in Love Series, and also throughout the years of his teachings; however, it wasn’t until after having a brief personal conversation with Jesus & Mary that the importance of desire stayed with me as a positive and constant reminder. Jesus said to me that “it all comes down to your desire;” we were talking about my desire to assist with Divine Truth, but those few personal words have helped me to develop my desire in other areas of my life, especially when it comes to making major changes.

“Desire is the key for which the highest possible Principles are engaged” ~ Jesus

My desire to move to Queensland came with many challenges, but I overcome them through my desire to make it happen, my faith in God to help us along the way and following God’s Principles that I am learning the best that I could under my current soul’s condition of love.

I am so glad that I followed my desire as myself and my family love living here and exploring new areas and enjoying the warmer weather; although, we have all had to buy sun protective tops as the summer months are a lot hotter than what we are used to.

My daughter and I have just started uni and my son is following his passion. I have gone into my second year at uni, but I wish I was majoring in Divine Truth; this would be the ultimate uni degree – a Bachelor of Divine Truth 🙂 . I am supposed to be studying now, but I am writing this post and all I want to do is learn more about love, truth, God and to help share what I am learning. I can hear the reminder “it all comes down to your desire.”

“Desire is the thing that causes us to continue our development” ~ Jesus



*Update: 24th March, 2017 — replaced one photo of the ducks with a photo of the pond, and added a caption.

Developing My Will to Love

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote and there has been many changes in that time, which I may talk about some of them in future posts or I have been feeling that I may start recording as it will be less time consuming and I will be able to discuss topics in more detail. I have decided to write again because I have had some people in my life opening up, desiring to know the truth and wanting to heal themselves and their life, which has led to lots of discussions about the very topic I am so passionate about. So I thought it would be loving to start sharing again so that it may benefit others as it has benefited me greatly. One of the changes in my life I will briefly share now, but it is personal and I am still emotionally working through many layers of injuries, fears and false beliefs in order to heal and grow in love.

My husband Jason and I separated a year ago, after being together for 26 years and married for 22 years. The first 10 months of being separated has been extremely sad and painful for me to work through, due to the amount of emotional injuries in my soul and what I believed a man that loved me would do for me, as well as not being with my husband and possibly my soulmate. Over the past year I have begun to learn more about myself, some of what my true passions and desires are, about how to have a loving relationship from God’s prospective, the importance of my will and using my will to love, and addressing issues in my life without delay. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have gotten through the past year without God’s Love and guidance,  Jesus and Mary’s teachings, along with the love from my family and friends, and using my will each day to keep moving in a positive direction. I love you all and I am forever grateful for your love.

“God’s Love never fails, never gives up”

The past year has also opened many new doors for me, which I am really excited about (joy is coming). I have started my first year at University, I never would have thought I would go to Uni, but I am enjoying what I’m learning, although I don’t really like doing essays, as it takes my time away from doing other things that I am more passionate about. I am doing English and Creative Writing, Australian History and Aboriginal Studies, with a desire to one day write children’s educational books about love and when I learn more about love myself. Which leads me to my favourite subject to talk about, it is what lights up my soul, when I’m not letting fear dominate my life.

I have had an amazing opportunity to attend an Assistance Group this year in Noosaville Queensland, Australia, called Developing My Will to Love, an Education in Love Series, which was organised by Jesus and Mary, and presented by Jesus. Designed to help us understand God’s gift of free will to us, and how to use our will in a loving, positive direction. In addition, we learnt that God’s definition of Love is different to the worlds definition of love and in order to receive an education in love, we need to seek the highest source of love to teach us, which is God. Truly valuable information for anyone desiring to heal their soul, to learn about real love, and to develop their relationship with God. I have added the Assistance Group 1 – 2016 link below for those that are interested in watching, there is also Assistance Group 2, which is really good as well. Thank you Jesus and Mary for your love, truth, patience and care for us all.

“Love & Truth go hand in hand, and they cannot be separated” ~ Jesus

Assistance Group 1 – Developing My Will to Love, 2016

Love Jennene

What We’ve Been Up To

Hi everyone,

Over the past five months my family and I have had some wonderful opportunities to travel to different parts of Australia and explore some amazing places (I will post some photos soon of the beautiful places we have visited), with new experiences and lots of learning – not only about my environment, but also about myself and about love. Travelling to new places and being out of my comfort zone was a great way to learn more about myself and how I react/respond to new experiences and also what areas in my life need healing that I wasn’t aware of before.

TasmaniaIn between travelling I completed my first eight week mixed media art classes, which was inspiring, challenging and fun. My daughter started her senior years in high school and my son started Uni – a busy time with lots of new experiences and learning for us all, so I haven’t had time to write nor have I felt like writing publicly as I have been working through many things throughout my travels.

For the readers that are also following my food blog Jennene Hart, I will be adding my favourite food travels and some new recipes in the coming months.

Quinoa Salad

One other exciting opportunity was to attend an inspiring two hour talk on Wednesday night at Newcastle given by Chris Buck the Director and Creator of Disney’s movie Frozen. Chris talked about his journey from the beginning to where he is now and the process of creating Frozen, which took four years to complete. On Thursday I attended The Art of Story Masterclass with Chris Buck, which he spoke more about what is involved with creating Frozen – I was amazed at the amount of work and different areas of creativity that goes into making an animated movie. It was so inspiring to see the beginning sketches, ideas, and changes and then to see it in completion – incredible and magical. Amazing what we can do when we put our loving passions and desires into action.

Chris Buck

Hope you have all had some wonderful opportunities and new experiences in the New Year.

With much love to all,


Learning About Love

Rock Love Heart

Love heart shaped rock on a rock platform at the beach – Love is all around us if we open our hearts to learning.

I believe that learning about real love and coming to truly know ourself is imperative for any positive changes to take place in our lives and in the world.

Below are some of the questions I desire to learn more about from God, and the playground/universe God has created for us to learn about ourselves, about love, and about God if we choose to.

I will add more questions as they arise. * Updated 15-11-14, to include more topics for learning.


* What does real love feel like?
* What does real love look like?
* How does real love act?

Other areas I desire to learn more about:

* Learning about God’s Love
* Learning about God’s Laws
* Learning about God’s Personality & Qualities
* Learning about humility
* Learning about my soul and who God created me to be
* Strengthening my will to love – putting love into action
* How to really love and care for myself
* Changing my daily life to one that supports my growth in love and my love for others
* Loving relationships – removing addictions in a relationship
* Becoming a loving healthy being without being co-dependent on others
* Repentance and forgiveness
* Loving passions, desires and being creative
* Using my will and putting into practise being truthful and desiring truth always
* Trust and faith
* How love changes the condition of our world – Learning how real love removes suffering in the world

I also love learning from two amazing teachers – AJ and Mary – that share a wealth of information about God, love, the human soul, and God’s Universe. I am truly grateful for these truths that are so freely shared and I can put these teachings into practice to be able to learn, discover and experience these truths for myself.

I also love learning from God when my heart is open to feeling God communicating to me. My desire is to one day be able to feel God communicating to me always and to always feel God’s Love; for this to happen I need to have a desire to sincerely want to know the truth about my true soul condition, and then have a sincere desire to want to heal my soul, I also need to have a strong will to grow and prayer to receive God’s Love. I am learning that the worlds definition of love is different to God’s definition of Love, and since my desire is to grow my soul in Love, I feel it’s important to educate myself about what real love is.


Some helpful information below about Understanding Self from the Divine Truth Website.

Understanding Self – Introduction

Observations Regarding Stagnation:

Those who are stagnant do not:
… really understand themselves
… really understand or even want to know God
… really want to come face to face with the truth about themselves

Those who are stagnant do:
… want to ignore their own true condition
… want to ignore God
… want to ignore feeling and experiencing their own painful emotions
… want to ignore the damage they do to others by their own choices
… want to ignore what God created them to be

Importance of Understanding Self & how you were made
Without understanding yourself you cannot grow and change
Without understanding how you were made you cannot engage the real process of growth         We must understand we are a soul, and how that soul functions

Introduction To The Three Selves

The ‘three selves’ are:
The undamaged self God created
The damaged or hurt self that your environment and you created
The façade self your environment and you created to avoid the other two selves

We are talking about the ‘three selves’ from an emotional, soul based perspective
It is a single self, fragmented by the denial of the real, denial of the hurt, and the preferred creation of the façade

What Is My Real Self?

My real self:
The personality of my real self is created by God
The expression of my real self is controlled by myself alone
The development of my real self is controlled by myself
My real self has the ability to grow and change
At my conception my real self has not been hurt, and did not play facades
We can call my real self “God’s Child”

My real emotional self:
Is sensitive, aware, perceptive and insightful
Is expressive, animated, communicative, open and unrestrained
Is honest, truthful, sincere, frank, candid, blunt and transparent
Is adventurous, courageous, daring, bold, creative, brave and audacious
Is curious, inquisitive, questioning, probing, searching and enquiring
Is emotional, feeling and sensing
Can develop to become wise, intelligent, clever, gifted and logical
Can develop to become sensible, practical, responsible, accountable, dependable and rational
Can develop to become loving, caring, kind, gentle, considerate and compassionate

My real self lacks development for the following main reasons:
Others created damage or hurt to my real self at a very young age (conception onwards)
Others attempted to force me into a façade to suit them at a young age which further damaged my real self (conception onwards)
I continued to damage and hurt myself through my choices as I used my will
I continued to develop the façade to meet my own or others expectations as I used my own will
Consequently, my real self remains undeveloped, untrained, and remains potential only
We can call my real self my “Unknown Potential Self” to help us identify

What Is My Hurt Self?

My hurt self is:
Created by other people harming me (from conception onwards)
It is injured further by my harming myself or others through my choices                                         Is stagnant at the age the damage or harm was created
Contains most my own inner causal emotional pain and suffering
We can call my hurt self my “Hurt Child” to help us identify

My hurt emotional self:
Is pained, hurt, aggrieved, wounded, injured, upset, and distressed
Is timid, nervous, shy, fearful, hesitant, apprehensive, cautious and concerned
Is fragmented, disjointed, uneven, suppressed, dormant, undeveloped, concealed, embryonic   Is humiliated, shamed, embarrassed, disgraced, unfavoured, and self-conscious
Is rejected, discarded, unwanted, and unneeded by others
Is angry, rebellious, self-absorbed, self-centred, and lacks awareness of surroundings

My hurt self (hurt child) lacks development for the following main reasons:
Each hurt is ‘frozen’ at the age the hurt occurred no matter who caused the hurt
Each hurt, while it remains, prevents God’s Truth from entering on the same subject
Each hurt, while it remains, prevents my ability to feel and experience love as an emotion     Each hurt, while it remains, defines my understanding of truth and love
Each hurt is locked up inside, & cannot be released without sincere emotional expression
Unless the hurt self is felt emotionally, the hurt self cannot grow emotionally
Consequently, my hurt self remains young, childish, immature, contained & restricted

What Is My Façade Self?

My façade self is:
Is created in childhood by other people wanting me to be different to my real self (conception onwards)
Is further developed by my purposeful desire to ignore my real and hurt selves
Is often very ‘adult’ in nature, since adults or myself as an adult developed the façade
Contains all of my mechanisms for coping, managing and controlling my life
Has been formulated so that others firstly, and then I could avoid feeling pain or my real self
We can call my façade self my “Adult Façade” to help us identify

My façade emotional self:
Loves addiction, compulsion, obsession, urges, cravings, fixation and mania
Loves bullying, force, harassment, oppression, repression, coercion and manipulation           Loves abuse, cruelty, nastiness, meanness, brutality, viciousness and unkindness
Loves resistance, conflict, confrontation, disagreement, quarrel and squabbling
Loves arrogance, condescension, superiority, conceit, disdain, pride and egotism
Is insensitive, unaware, lacks perception or insight
Is un-expressive or false in its expression, pretending and made up
Is unanimated or false in its animation, lethargic or forced vibrancy
Is closed, reserved, controlled, forced, guarded and untrusting
Is dishonest, untruthful, insincere, lacks frankness, opaque and is not candid
Is prying, interfering, snooping, nosy, meddling, intrusive, invasive and pushy
Is unemotional or falsely emotional, unfeeling, unwise, dumb, stupid, and illogical
Is fixed, immovable, predetermined and rigid
Is apathetic, lazy, disinterested, uninvolved, bored and unconcerned
Is unwise, imprudent, thoughtless, irrational, reckless, irresponsible and careless                           Is selfish, self-absorbed, self-centred, narcissistic and vain

My façade self lacks development for the following main reasons:
The façade is a figment of our or someone else’s creation and imagination
The façade is denying the real emotions of the real and hurt selves
The façade is managing or controlling the direction of growth & awareness
The façade has no interest in true soul based progression of the real or hurt self
The façade is an imitation adult, a baby or a fiction in adults clothing


To progress towards God and ourselves we must engage the following sequence:
Remove the façade self
Educate, feel and experience the hurt self
Develop, educate, feel, and experience the real self’s qualities, attributes and personality
Develop a desire in the real self to receive God’s Love and Truth
Develop a desire in the real self to be loving and truthful with others

The most difficult process is to remove the façade self because:
The façade self has the most resistance to love and truth
The façade self wants to retain itself
The façade self wishes to avoid all painful emotion
The façade self is angry and resentful towards God


We must understand ourselves to progress
This is a part of our using our will to educate ourselves about love
This requires a personal effort on our own behalf

We must experience the emotions associated with each part of ourselves
The façade self
The hurt self
And the real self

What a beautiful artist God is

What a beautiful artist God is – a small part of the loving playground God has created for us learn & discover.

Rock Pool Discoveries

I have been enjoying exploring the beach and rock pools over the past few weeks, which inspired me to do my first rock pool guided tour on the weekend, which I found fascinating. If you wish to bring out your inner child or awaken your desire to start exploring and discovering, this is a great way to do it. I have walked along rock platforms many times, but have never really paid much attention to the many creations around me and the amazing work they all do, I learn’t many things on this tour and had just as much fun as the little kids that were on the tour with us.


Rock Platforms


Looks like craters on the moon which were filled with lots of what I thought were just shells.


There were hundreds of shells covering the rock platforms, which were homes to snails. They slowly move over the rocks eating algae (although some snails eat other snails). Names of the snails here: Tubercled Noddiwink (tiny ones), Black Nerite and Variegated Limpet (white & brown – photo below).



This rock is covered with Rosette Barnacles – Barnacles are closely related to prawns, they are filter feeders which open their shell plates when covered by water and collect food particles with their hairy feet.


Tiny crab that was hiding under a rock. So clever how they remover their shell when they get to big for it and form a new one.


This large rock pool is filled with little star fish (now called sea stars because they are not actually fish, but closely related to sea urchins), which have five arms. They were so well camouflaged that we all couldn’t see them until our guide pointed them out. Below is a close up of the rock pool above.



This is a sea star our guide picked up to let us hold and see up close what they look like.


Sea star turned over – the star shaped lines you can see are lots of little feet and the round circle in the middle is it’s mouth.

IMG_3965I noticed that the closer I got to the main source of life (the ocean) the more life I saw in the rock pools and the more colourful they were. I started to feel a deeper understanding of our souls journey towards God and how we can come to have a closer relationship with our Divine Parent.

The closer I am to the source of God’s creations; to life, the more I feel a connection to God and I learn more about myself and about God in the process. My energy feels clearer when I am in nature, I feel more, my senses are heightened, and my mind is much clearer also. Although it is a slow process of healing my soul I have noticed every time I heal a part of my soul, let go of false beliefs and live in harmony with what God is teaching me I feel closer to God, I feel clearer and more vibrant in my soul, I feel more alive and more joyful.

Just like the rock pools are more vibrant, clearer and abundant the closer they are to the source of life, so too does the soul get more vibrant, clearer and abundant the closer it gets to God.


One little sea star in this little rock pool, it was a joy to find.

One little sea star in this little rock pool, it was a joy to find.


The brownish-red blobs hanging form this rock are called Waratah Anemone, they are closed up.

The brownish-red blobs hanging from this rock are called Waratah Anemone, they are closed up.


Waratah Anemone one partly opened and one fully opened – bright red with little sea stars around them, very colourful and a big difference from the rock pools closer to the beach.


The photo above is an Elephant Snail (black circle with what looks like a cream coloured shell on top), the two sea stars below the snail are in the photos below, our guide removed them from the rock pool briefly to show us more closely.


These sea stars are much larger with ten arms and it amazes me how much they camouflage with nearly the exact colour of the rock they are on. Below is the sea star turned over, which  it was in the middle of eating it’s lunch. Sea stars protrude their stomach outside of their mouth and digest their food outside of their bodies. Some sea stars can also grow new arms and a few species can grow an entire body. This sea star looks like it has had a couple of arms nibbled at.

IMG_3990We are surrounded by God’s creations all with an intelligent system that we can learn about and come to appreciate the amazing work they do. I am just beginning to open my eyes and my heart to learning about what gifts nature has to offer.