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March 2017 Update

The past year has been very busy for me with lots of exciting changes and lots of opportunities to learn more about love. There has been lots of challenges along the way, but my desire to want to change and follow my passions and desires made it all possible.

I have had another wonderful opportunity to attend the 2nd and 3rd Education in Love Series; Developing My Loving Self and Understanding God’s Loving Laws, which were presented by Jesus in the 2nd and Jesus & Mary in the 3rd series. I am very grateful that I was able to attend all of these events as this information is so valuable and life changing in a very positive way.

Mary teaching at the 3rd Assistance Group – Understanding God’s Loving Laws, November 2016

Learning how to love in a real way from God’s perspective is life changing in itself, which has helped me to examine all areas of my life that are not in harmony with God’s Way.

Learning about God’s Principles and Laws has further highlighted areas that need healing and correcting in my life, my soul and the environment I am living in. What is exciting and positive is I now know that I can do something to change the life that I had previously created into a life that is in harmony with God’s Way.

I have been experimenting with some of God’s Principles in different areas of my life and I have seen instant, positive changes, which is quite amazing to witness. One of the area’s I have been experimenting with is about being true to myself and expressing the truth in a loving way to people that have tried to control me, or have not been truthful in their interaction with me. This wasn’t easy for me to do, but I have learnt from past experiences that being quiet and not addressing issues does not do good for anyone. Although, I am also learning there are times when I need to remove myself from unloving people and give myself and others time to feel and reflect about unloving issues. When I see positive changes happen so quickly from following God’s Principles of Love, it builds my faith and my desire to keep experimenting in other areas of my life.

My seven duck friends that would come and visit me each day at the resort; it was joyful sitting on the porch when they came and watch them wander around and swim in the pond – so cute. A lovely, peaceful resort; I really enjoyed staying here.

After the 3rd Assistance Group finished in November 2016 our house went up for sale and we spent a few weeks looking for rentals, packing and getting ready to move from NSW to Queensland. I have been wanting to move to Queensland for a few years and now I finally made it happen.

Jesus talked a lot about the importance of desire in the Education in Love Series, and also throughout the years of his teachings; however, it wasn’t until after having a brief personal conversation with Jesus & Mary that the importance of desire stayed with me as a positive and constant reminder. Jesus said to me that “it all comes down to your desire;” we were talking about my desire to assist with Divine Truth, but those few personal words have helped me to develop my desire in other areas of my life, especially when it comes to making major changes.

“Desire is the key for which the highest possible Principles are engaged” ~ Jesus

My desire to move to Queensland came with many challenges, but I overcome them through my desire to make it happen, my faith in God to help us along the way and following God’s Principles that I am learning the best that I could under my current soul’s condition of love.

I am so glad that I followed my desire as myself and my family love living here and exploring new areas and enjoying the warmer weather; although, we have all had to buy sun protective tops as the summer months are a lot hotter than what we are used to.

My daughter and I have just started uni and my son is following his passion. I have gone into my second year at uni, but I wish I was majoring in Divine Truth; this would be the ultimate uni degree – a Bachelor of Divine Truth 🙂 . I am supposed to be studying now, but I am writing this post and all I want to do is learn more about love, truth, God and to help share what I am learning. I can hear the reminder “it all comes down to your desire.”

“Desire is the thing that causes us to continue our development” ~ Jesus



*Update: 24th March, 2017 — replaced one photo of the ducks with a photo of the pond, and added a caption.