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Developing Faith

Faith in what we cannot see

I have recently been asked by a few people what I do to develop my faith, and what experiences and results have I had whilst developing my faith. So I thought I would do a post to answer these questions for others that may be interested. Developing my faith is something that I am very passionate about, because of the positive benefits I have experienced by having and growing my faith. In order to develop my faith I had to first experiment with whatever it was that I desired to either change in my life, or what I desired to create in my life, and to learn about God’s Truth. This required me to use my will in a positive direction and to take actions that I believed would bring about the changes I desired and to create new things in my life. In the recent Divine Truth Assistance Groups – An Education In Love Series, we were given some homework questions to help bring self awareness about what we are currently doing in our life and how we are using our will. The homework questions below are about developing faith:

  1. What am I currently doing to develop my faith?
  2. What actions are being taken?
  3. What messages am I telling myself?
  4. What intellectual awareness is developing?
  5. What is the current condition of my aspiration to develop my faith?

I really enjoyed doing this homework, because as I pondered over each question, I would reflect back over the past year (my faith was developing before this, but this past year I have become more passionate about developing my faith), and although it has been a challenging year for me, it has also been one where I have felt the closest to God and where I have had many experiences of God’s goodness, Love and His care for me.

I though it would be easier to briefly answer each question individually in dot points, and add some of my experiences I have had as a result of developing my faith. I will also add some links below of Divine Truth seminars/talks about Faith & Prayer.

Q 1. What am I currently doing to develop my faith? & Q 2. What actions are being taken?

  • I pray consistently throughout the day, and I ask God lots of questions about my soul, God’s personality/nature, God’s creations and Laws, and I ask Him to teach me and help me to build my faith. Prayer builds my faith in God, because it’s an open invitation to God that I want Him to be a part of my life. As a result, I have had personal experiences of God in my life, where She shows me Her goodness throughout my day. Such as: when I have prayed to God and then my prayer is answered, or if I have wanted to know something and it is answered, or sometimes I will just be feeling a desire that I have, and God will open the right doors for me and my desire comes to fruition. I may not see God, but I do see Her goodness and sometimes I feel God’s Love. Receiving God’s Love has been a big influence on my desire to develop my faith, because I knew for sure that God is real.
  • I experiment with what I am learning about God, because this brings personal experiences, which helps build my faith in God, faith in myself, and it also builds my trust in God.
  • I print up verses about God and His goodness and I place them around my home so that I’m constantly reminded about God’s Love and care for all His children. These verses could be something that God has communicated to me through feelings or Bible verses that talk about God’s goodness and Love or Divine Truth teachings.
  • I listen to Divine Truth teachings everyday (these teachings led me to developing my relationship with God, which is where my faith began to grow), I read the Padgett Messages, and I also recommend reading Through The Mists Trilogy by Robert James Lees – Amazing! – Love these books.
  • I have put a playlist together on a CD of uplifting meaningful songs or songs about God. Some of the songs that Jesus plays in the breaks at the Assistance Groups I have bought off iTunes and they are also on my playlist. A song that Mary posted on her blog is “Brave,” love this song, it has really helped me to open up more, to be brave and to speak the truth. Another song that I have just come across (my new favourite) is “Live in the Wonderful,” sung by Lakewood Church.
  • I use my will in a positive direction and take action way more than I have done so before, this is because I see the positive results in doing this, which grows my faith in God and myself. I challenge my fear more and I have discovered the fear of doing something is never as bad as what I thought it was going to be and in fact it has been a very positive outcome for me, another faith builder.

Q 3. What messages am I telling myself?

  • I have had a lot of false beliefs to feel through and release (and have many more yet to feel or even be aware of), in order to accept and feel God’s Truth, so this is an area that I am constantly working on. Initially, when my husband and I first separated a year ago, I was surprised at how harsh I was towards myself, I had low self-esteem and self-worth, which I soon became aware of the negative messages I was telling myself. God is an amazing counsellor Who was with me and guiding me every step of the way, God was my light out of the darkness I was in, helping me to become aware of the false beliefs and error that was in my soul. I began to learn from God that my way is not God’s Way, and my thoughts about myself and about love were not in harmony with God’s.
  • So the messages that I tell myself now are more positive about myself, which is building my self-esteem and self-worth (but this is also as a result of releasing false beliefs and error from my soul). I also tell myself the Truth about God and what I’m learning about God, such as: God is good, God is faithful, God’s Love is the most powerful force in the universe, God’s Love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me, all things are possible with God, God restores my soul and makes all things new, God Loves me and cares about me…(I have written many pages in my journal about how good God is, as well as listening to CD’s in my car, so that I am constantly filling my soul with Truth).

All these points that I have listed contribute to developing and growing my faith in God, His Love and Truth, as well as developing faith in myself, and faith in a more pure way of living and loving.

Q 4. What intellectual awareness is developing?

  • How amazing God is, although this is more than intellectual for me now, as I am starting to feel that God is amazing
  • My faith is growing and getting stronger
  • With God all things are possible
  • Faith in my own ability to heal, to change, and to become more loving
  • Faith that I will one day be at-one with God

Q 5. What is the current condition of my aspiration to develop my faith?

  • My aspiration to develop my faith is high, which has inspired me to develop this aspiration in other areas for my soul’s growth.

One important point that I have learnt for my faith to grow, is that it wasn’t enough to just hear about faith, I needed to experience it for myself, which meant that I needed to use my will and take action with what I was learning.

I hope this may assist those that are interested in developing their faith and if anyone has anymore questions I am happy to answer them or direct you to where you can find more information.

Love Jennene 💗

“With God all things are possible”
~ Matthew 19:26, NIV

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