God created Laws that govern the universe to create a harmonious universe. God’s Laws are always in operation whether we are aware of them or not (Divine Truth).

All of God’s Laws are loving in their operation and have loving consequences upon the soul (Divine Truth).

Through receiving God’s Love into your soul, you begin to learn and experience God’s Laws and they become written on your heart.

Below are some of God’s Laws:

Law of Attraction – Is God’s messenger of truth to you, to tell you what your true soul condition is. The Law of Attraction is controlled by your soul condition. You can change the Law of Attraction by changing your soul condition (healing your soul).

Law of Compensation 

Law of Repentance

Law of Forgiveness

Laws of Morality

Law of Cause and Effect – What you sow, you reap.

Law of Free Will – God’s gift to us which allows us to choose anything we desire. We can act in harmony with love or in disharmony. If we act in disharmony with love, we are breaking God’s Laws and our soul will attract an immediate penalty – The Law of Compensation.

Loving Use Of Free Will

Law of Desire  

Law of Faith

Laws of Divine Love – We always live in harmony with God’s Truth as we know it emotionally.

Laws of Natural Love – A combination of Laws that demonstrate how to love oneself and others.

Laws of Love of Self 

Laws of Love of Others

* For more detailed information and videos on God’s Laws please see the Divine Truth Website.

“God’s Truth Shall Set You Free”

White Bird

“Let The Truth Shine”