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My Soul Reflects Upon The Autumn Leaves

Autumn Tree The changing colours of the autumn leaves are so beautiful and metaphorical. As I reflect upon these seasonal changes it helps me to learn more about myself and about love through one of God’s many creations—nature—which are constant reminders of the love and assistance God gives to us every step of the way. As the autumn season began I started to notice the beautiful changing colours of the leaves and felt a deeper understanding of the beautiful changes ones soul goes through whilst growing in love.

Trees naturally grow towards the light; they grow bigger, stronger and more full of life, giving us many different gifts; so too does the soul when we use our will to love; it yearns for the light of Love, of hope for a place more beautiful and vibrant; a place filled with love, kindness, warmth, peace and happiness; a place where the soul is free to be it’s glorious self and grow abundant in love, strength, health, joy, creativity and beauty; when we allow our soul to grow towards the light of Love.

The autumn leaves go through a layer of colours before it sheds the old; so too does the soul, it can feel many layers before it sheds the error it has absorbed from it’s environment. The autumn tree sheds the old leaves and awaits the growth of the new; the soul sheds the error, absorbs the truth and grows in love. Autumn Trees I see the beauty in the autumn leaves as they go through changes of shedding the old. I see the beauty in the bare tree that has shed the old and awaits the new growth; for it’s transformation will be full and abundant of life and beauty.

Do I see the beauty in my soul, as I too shed the old and welcome the new? God is teaching me to love; unconditional love and self compassion is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves as we shed the old and welcome the new.

God's Love

Loving God’s Way is so beautiful and much easier then my way!

I only make it harder for myself when I resist the most Loving Way!

Jennene 💗

Have We Created Courage Because We Live In So Much Fear?

Love heart rock Mt kosciuszko

Love heart rock I found while facing my fear of heights at Mt Kosciuszko

Dictionary definitions of courage:

  • The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.
  • Strength in the face of pain or grief.
  • The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
  • Have the courage of one’s convictions, to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.
  • Obsolete – the heart as the source of emotion.

My definitions of courage:

  • To find an inner strength to do something when I am faced with fear.
  • Moral courage is to speak up for what I believe is loving and truthful, even though I may fear judgement from others.
  • Physical courage is helping another that may be in danger and it may also put yourself in danger.

I have recently listened to an inspiring short talk on courage and whilst it was good, there was a statement made in the talk that—courage is what changes the world—which caused me to ponder about courage and to feel more deeply about what courage actually is. From my own experiences so far, it is Love that is changing me and I believe that Love—God’s Love is what will change the world.

The more I learn about Love, the more I see how much myself and the world have walked away from God’s Love and the pure state of natural love in which God had originally created us. Every time I hear or read about someone’s story it is mostly built around fear (including my own) we live in fear in our daily lives—every unloving emotion usually comes from a place of fear (due to unloving events that have taken place in our lives).

We use courage when we are fearful of something; the popular saying—“feel the fear and do it anyway”—if we were not fearful we would not need courage in order to act or follow our hearts desires. We would not need to seek the approval of others to embrace the life our soul longs for, to speak up when love and truth is required, to assist others is something we would all naturally do if we did not come from a place of fear, but a place of love. Since God’s Love removes all fear then we would not need courage in order to live our lives each day; Love would guide our actions in every moment.

So while I still have many fears to work through, when I am willing to face my fears I use courage—or perhaps it is simply just a strong will to grow and knowing if I don’t face my fears I will live in them and I will not progress in love. My own questioning about courage has inspired me to ask God to teach me about facing my fears with love and to feel why I need courage in the first place. I have a feeling as I write that it has to do with trust; not trusting in God’s perfect design.

Imagine living life with no fear – Imagine the world living with no fear –
Imagine the world living and acting in love.
I imagine this is what heaven is like.

Jennene 💗

How The Divine Love Enters The Soul

Padgett Messages

May 8th, 1916.

Received by: James Padgett, Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to finish my message and will do so, if your condition is such that you may receive it. Well, as you may remember, my subject is: “How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a human being.”

I have already explained to you the difference between, and the respective functions of the physical body, the spiritual body and the soul, and how the real man is the soul, which may live forever. I have also shown you how the physical and spiritual bodies change their component parts, and as such bodies, disintegrated and disappear in the form that they may have at any one time.

Well, the soul is the man and becomes the angel of God’s kingdom. The soul may also become only the everlasting part of man in the spiritual kingdom as contradistinguished from the Celestial Heavens.

The only way in which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres, is by its obtaining of the Divine Love and thereby become a partaker of the Divine nature of the Father; and this can be accomplished only by the inflowing of the Divine Love, by means of the operation of the Holy Spirit, which is the instrumentality used by God to carry this Love to the souls of men.

As I have before said, this Love never forces itself into the souls of men, and comes only when men seek for it in sincerity and with effort. It is waiting for all men to receive it, but never comes into the soul of its own initiative, and without invitation. So the important question is, how does it come into the soul and what must men do to induce its inflowing.

There is only one way, and that is by the opening up of the soul in such a manner that this Love, when it comes in response to sincere seeking, may find an entrance and a condition of development that will cause it to find lodgement and abiding place, harmonious and satisfactory to the qualities of its own existence. Of course, man cannot of himself open up his soul to this inflowing, for, while he has great power, yet the will is not sufficient; nor has he any other inherent qualities that will enable him to place his soul in such condition as to make possible the work of the Holy Spirit in causing the Love to flow into the soul.

The only means by which this can be accomplished are prayer and faith. When a man in true earnestness and sincere aspirations, prays to the Father for this Divine Love, such prayer not only brings Love, but causes those portions of the soul which are capable of receiving this Love to open up to its coming and to work in such a way as to attract the Love.

The Holy Spirit never performs this work of preparing the soul for the reception of this Love, but merely brings the Love and causes its inflowing when the soul is in condition to receive it. In answer to prayer, there are other instrumentalities of the Father working to prepare the soul condition that is required, and these instrumentalities are the bright spirits of the Celestial Heavens, whose duties, among others, are to answer the prayers of the penitent in the way of infilling the soul with influences that turn the thoughts and aspirations to this Divine Love and its operations.

As I said when on earth, there is no other way to get into the sheep fold but through the gateway provided, – he that attempts to climb over the fence is a thief and a robber. But this should be modified to fit the exact fact, for there is no possibility of getting into this fold by climbing the fence. There is only one way – that through the gate of prayer and sincere longing.

I know that many men believe that the performance of church duties, and the observation of the requirements of the church as to baptism and the sacraments, etc., will be sufficient to enable them to get into the Kingdom; but I tell you that they are all wrong, and their disappointment will be very great when they come into the spirit world.

What are called moral deeds and good thoughts will not cause this inflowing of the Divine Love because these things are necessary steps towards the purification of the soul in its natural love; and (yet) no matter how pure this love may become, yet it is not the Divine Love or any portion of it.

Good thoughts and deeds, though, may help to turn the aspirations of the soul to these higher conditions, and open up its perceptions to a degree that may lead to prayer and faith, and, therefore, in addition to their work of purifying the natural love may prove to be of great value in assisting men towards the development of the soul so that the Divine Love may enter into it. But to depend on good thoughts and moral deeds and a life pure from sin to give man the right to an entrance into the Celestial Kingdom, is a great mistake.

The Divine Love is a thing entirely apart from the nature of man, even in its purest state, and was never conferred on man as was the natural love, and, consequently, when man obtains this Divine Love, and it becomes a part of his soul qualities, his nature, as it were, changes, and he becomes a new creature. An additional something has been conferred upon him, and it becomes impossible for him to remain the mere man that he was, and he always would, be, except for this change in his nature.

I know that men do not understand the distinction between a man with only the natural love and one with the Divine Love, but the distinction is so great, that the one, when possessed to a sufficient degree, makes the man a part of Divinity, while the other, no matter how fully possessed and how pure it may become, makes man merely man, though a perfect one.

Whosoever will pray in sincerity for the inflowing of this Divine Love will receive it. It is not a respecter of persons, and the sincere aspirations of the soul of any man, be he prince or peasant, rich or poor, will invariably cause this Love to come into his soul and change his nature, so that he will become a new creature, and one not subject to death forever more.

The merely intellectual prayers are not efficacious, for it does not have any effect in opening up the soul, and neither does much of this praying do the work. One little moment of this true praying will be more effective in causing this Divine Love to flow towards the soul than a whole lifetime of idle repetition of prayers that come from a source merely mental. And here let me say that the mind is not the soul, and much less God.

Well, I think I have made plain how this Love flows into a man’s soul, and in addition what its effect is, when possessed by man. There is nothing in all God’s universe that can take its place for the purpose of making a man at-one with the Father, and of causing him to become Divine, in so far as he possesses this Love.

So I say to all men, pray and pray and never cease to pray for the inflowing of this Love, for there is no limit to its abundance, or the amount which man or spirit can obtain. Always in the Celestial Heavens, we spirits continually pray for an increased bestowal, and always our prayers are answered – but always there is more to follow.

I must not write more tonight.

I am satisfied with the correctness of your receiving my message, and will come again and write you another.

With all my love and blessings,

I am your brother and friend,


Trusting in God Always

God is always with me

 God always watches over me

Rainbow Lorikeet

Mama Rainbow Lorikeet with her baby to the right.

God is always gentle, loving and caring with me

God always allows my free-will to learn and grow

Rainbow Lorikeet

Baby Rainbow Lorikeet looking down towards the ground, Mama is further down in the hollow of the tree, allowing her baby some freedom to learn for herself. Dada is up in the tree, watching over.

God always listens to me and is always patient

God always has help ready – before I even ask; 

as the moment I sincerely ask, it is instantly given

Rainbow Lorikeet

Dada came down from above & took his place next to Mama, to protect their baby as I came closer for a photo, baby is behind them in the hollow of the tree. Baby came back out as I continued on with my walk.

God always guides me to Love 

God always guides me to Truth

God always delights in my progress

Rainbow Lorikeets

So beautiful to watch this little family as I reflected upon what I’m beginning to learn & feel about God’s nature.

God always draws me closer

sometimes it takes me awhile, but I get there; a step closer

Trusting in God Always! 

I don’t always get it right, everyday I’m out of harmony with God’s Love and sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to remove all the errors, emotional injuries and false beliefs from my soul, but I never give up, because giving up would mean giving up on loving me and growing my soul in Love towards God. Every time I heal an emotional injury from my soul; my heart opens a bit more; my love grows a bit more; I learn a bit more, and I am a step closer to God; a step closer to Pure Love. No matter how long it takes—it is a treasure worth growing for.

Jennene 💗

Relationship With God – The Eternal Benefits

I have just added a new ‘Tab’ in the menu bar at the top, under Loving God’s Way called – Relationship with God – The Eternal Benefits. My resources are from the Divine Truth Website and I find this valuable information that I would like to share. You can click here if you would like to read the benefits of having and developing a relationship with God.