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Challenging My Fear Of Heights

Over the past month I have been challenging my fear of heights, this has not been easy for me to work through or want to feel the emotions of fear – I would rather avoid this emotion, but I know it is not loving for me or others when I live in fear rather then feeling it and releasing it from my soul.

I have spoken before about challenging my fear of heights as I feel it may help others to have faith in their ability to challenge and heal the emotions that hold us back from living a more happy and fulfilled life.

The following are some of the recent challenges I set for myself in a safe environment, in order from easier to the hardest:

* Looking over and walking next to the railing on the second or higher floor of a shopping centre

* Driving up steep roads

* Scenic Lookouts

* Treetop Adventure Park

* Walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge (this is not the Bridge Climb, just walking across)

View from Sydney Harbour Bridge

View of Sydney Harbour through the railings on the Bridge. A cold and rainy day, the rain stopped just before my walk.

I started these challenges with what I felt would be easier for me and worked my way up to the hardest, which in the past have been the most fearful for me to experience. On Saturday I walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this time I walked without holding onto my husband Jason’s hand and squeezing it until it almost dropped off. I approached this challenge a bit differently to my previous attempts to face my fear of heights and it was a successful outcome for me, which has given me faith in my ability to feel my fear and become free of an emotion that holds me back.

What worked for me:

* Prayer to God to help me feel my fear and to not run away as soon as I start to feel overwhelmed by fear.

* I asked God to help me face my challenge with love.

* I asked my Guardian Angel and Celestial brothers & sisters to help me.

* I was loving, gentle and compassionate with myself as I felt through different emotions that came up for me.

* I stopped at different stages throughout the walk when I felt overwhelmed, I didn’t push myself to keep walking, I just stopped and felt. I could feel the love around me – encouraging me and I could feel my own love and compassion for myself.

* I breathed deeply which helped me to keep feeling and stay present with what I was experiencing, rather then shutting down and not wanting to feel fear.

* I didn’t ask anyone to help me avoid feeling my fears.

I was amazed at what began to happen from embracing this process – the fear released and I started to feel free and for the first time I could start to enjoy the view without feeling like I just wanted to get out of there. I began to walk beside the rail and look out across the harbour (I couldn’t do this last time I walked across the bridge), I began to feel some joy that I could actually feel and release this emotion that stops me in my tracks.

I now have faith that each time I challenge my fears that it will get easier and one day the fear will be no more.

I’m looking forward to that day 🙂

Jennene 💗

The Human Soul – Emotions & Feelings

I have recently listened to the Human Soul series of talks given by AJ and Mary; fantastic information about the human soul, how it functions and how to develop the soul in love.

I am also part the way through a new series of talks about Emotions & Feelings, both of these series of talks have been really helpful as I am working through some childhood emotions.

Any emotional or physical pain we have in our body is governed by our soul, when we heal our soul we heal our emotional and physical pain. Using our will in a positive direction is so important for the healing of our soul to begin to take place and to progress in love. I have found that learning about the human soul, emotions and feelings very beneficial in my healing process.

Creative Heart Work – Week 9

Facing The Truth

Facing The Truth

The following is not from the art journal course, but from my own observation and my personal experiences.

We use many different forms of distractions/addictions/comforts to not feel what’s going on in our soul and in our life, but the truth always reveals its-self and it’s our choice; our will as to whether we do something about it; to heal and grow, to bring more love and joy into our life or to remain in denial, stagnation and suffer with the choices that we make that are not in harmony with love.

I am realising how important it is to take time to really get to know my soul, to feel my soul and not let the busyness of life distract me from what is truly important to me. Every time I allow distractions/addictions/fear to dominate my life, I disconnect myself from feeling God communicating to me and I also block myself from receiving more of God’s Love, which shows me how much I am still holding onto my way of doing things, rather then surrendering to Loving God’s Way, which only delays my growth.

Distractions remind me of a scene in the movie the Labyrinth, where Sarah meets a character in the movie called the Junk Lady. The Junk Lady piles Sarah’s arms up with heaps of distractions (material things that belong to Sarah) and tries to keep Sarah from remembering what is truly important to her. Sarah eventually becomes aware of these distractions and remembers what is truly important to her, which were not material things—it was love.

Growing my soul in Love is very important to me, so I need to be very aware and awake to what I am creating in my life, to see myself as I truthfully am, and to be humble to feeling all of my emotions in the moment and not wait to feel them later, as this again delays my progress towards a more joyful, loving and fulfilled life, of which I’m honestly asking myself why I would want to do this. Each step of my journey brings more awareness, more light upon my souls condition, but only if I use my will to sincerely want to know; to keep seeking and asking.

“Seek, and you will find”

“Ask, and it will be given to you”

“Knock, and the door will be opened to you”

Matthew 7:7

Which brings me to share one of the assignments from Week 9 about finding a picture that represents Calm & Stillness to me. I feel most connected to my soul when I’m walking in nature and I love the beach, it is very peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating to me. Nature is my soul space, my time for self-reflection and where my focus is on feeling and healing my soul without distractions. I must be in a humble state in these moments, as this is where I feel God’s guidance and communication to me more strongly; I’m away from distractions and noise—quiet time to feel and connect to my soul and God. I have also come to realise that I need to make this a daily priority and not let distractions keep me from something that is very beneficial for my soul growth.

Calm & Stillness Assignment

Calm & Stillness

Jennene’s Heart Work – Being in nature is my favourite soul space

What represents calm and stillness to you? What space do you give to yourself to connect more deeply to your soul? How often do you make time to deeply know and feel your soul?

Jennene 💗

Creative Heart Work – Week 4

Weekly Intention – Letting go of numbing

Feeling all of my emotions - #OLCBreneCourse

Feeling all of my emotions – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

This weeks intention is to stay mindful of numbing. Brene Brown’s quote – “I will remember that when I ‘take the edge off’ pain or stress, I take away my own joy. We can’t selectively numb emotion, and want more joy, meaning and purpose.”

This weeks assignment is to think about the things I use to numb myself when I’m feeling pain or sadness.

Below are a couple of the questions from this weeks assignment to ask ourselves and my answer to the question:

Q: What leads us to numbing? A: Not wanting to feel our painful emotions.

Q: How do we numb? A: By finding ways to avoid, deny or distract ourselves from feeling our emotions. Addictions can form when we don’t want to feel; example of avoidance and addictions: anger, fear, denial, shame, blame, control, neediness, people pleasing, wanting approval from others, chocolate, food, coffee, shopping, alcohol, smoking, drugs, keeping ourselves busy, social media, internet, playing electronic games….

Our assignment this week was to create a collage of words about what drives you to numb and a collage about what you use to numb. Although I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, drink coffee or play video games, I do find other ways in which I’m still numbing and avoiding feeling some of my emotions. Below is one of my collages/chart about some of the ways I numb and what I have learnt about healing my soul. I couldn’t fit what I was feeling on one page in my art journal, so I decided to do up a chart on my computer.

I have also made a separate chart to list the main numbing/blocking emotions – Anger, Fear, Avoidance/Addictions and I am in the process of adding to the list all the things that I am blocking. This I will keep personal, but I have added a blank chart below my Heart Work Assignment, feel free to print a copy if you desire to write your own list. It is really beneficial to write down what you become aware of, because acknowledgement is the first step towards healing.

Letting go of numbing – Heart Work Assignment

Letting Go Of Numbing

Jennene’s Heart Work

Soul Healing – Printable Chart

Letting Go Of Numbing Chart

Soul Healing Chart

The second part of our assignment was creating a comfort list, of which I partly don’t agree with, because some of our comforts can also be our addictions or what we use to distract ourselves from feeling our painful emotions. Its only when we acknowledge, be truthful with ourselves and have a desire to feel our causal emotions, that our soul will heal and we naturally begin to feel more joy, as a result of releasing emotional injuries from our soul. So instead I did a list that embraced things that would support and assist my soul growth.

What are somethings you do to numb; to not feel your emotions?

What are somethings you can do to support and assist your soul growth?

Jennene 💗

Get Real So You Can Heal!

Get Real So You Can Heal, is a mantra that has been popping up in my thoughts over the past couple of weeks. So I felt I would be brave enough to share how these words have helped me as I have been feeling my emotions to do with creating my first blog site.

Over the years of working through many different emotions, the words that have been consistent in my thoughts are: to be true to myself, to see and feel the truth about whats going on in my soul and in my life. I find writing a very helpful tool as it is another way of bringing more awareness of my souls condition on a deeper level; much healing has taken place as I reflect back on what I have written in my journals – which has been a very valuable gift.

My Journal

 Get Real So You Can Heal!

I have been wanting to start sharing my passions for many months, but I had some emotions to work through, to get to the point of finally sharing it. The emotions that surfaced were fear of judgement, unworthiness, what will people think about my passions, if my passions are so personal, why do I want to share them? With much praying to God for help in getting to the cause of these emotions, I was able to work through some of these emotions which gave me more courage and faith to start sharing my passions through blogging.

I don’t know if blogging will continue to be the place to share my passions, but I know I had to start putting my passions and desires into action. I felt like I could no longer keep them inside of myself. My desire grew stronger and so did my faith in God to guide my way.

I’m very excited to be now sharing my passions, but at the same time I am working through more emotions that arise from actually posting very personal experiences for all to see. I find it very easy to write for myself as this is something I do quite frequently, but I haven’t found it easy to publicly write about whats in my heart and soul. This process has brought to me more awareness and appreciation of everyone out there that are blogging or commenting online about their personal experiences from their heart. Which shows me the answer to my question; why do I want to share something so personal? Apart from having a desire to share my passions, what comes to mind, is something I hear and see many times while watching shows like Oprah, Dr Oz and from my own personal experiences; is in sharing our story, our experiences it may help another. For me I have been helped many times by hearing someone else’s story and have been inspired by the changes they have made as they have grown and learnt from the experiences in their life. I wouldn’t be writing this now on my blog if I hadn’t had assistance from many of my brothers and sisters.

So this is my chance to thank you all for sharing, loving, caring and having the courage to put yourself out there. You have all inspired me to do the same.

Love to you all,

Jennene 💗