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Creative Heart Work – Week 10

Sharing Our Gifts

Sharing Our Gifts – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

I am discovering how important it is to express our creativity, to find what brings you joy, what lights up your soul and embrace it. By paying attention to what we are drawn to, we can begin to discover many ways to be creative in our everyday life: play, experiment, discover, explore, create, feel, and imagine. Being creative isn’t something we do when we are children, being creative is for everyone, it brings you alive, it brings joy and fulfillment, it unlocks your beautiful gifts in abundance, it opens your heart and awakens your soul, it brings a longing for passion and desire (in harmony with love) in your daily life.

I feel an excitement inside my heart and soul as I am writing about our desires and creativity, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the joy to come from embracing my own desires; I will share with you as I learn and experience more along the way.

Being creative allows the real you to shine through and be the soul God created you to be.

With love & joy,

Jennene 💗

Let Your Light Shine ~ Jennene Hart

Let Your Light Shine ~ Jennene Hart

Creative Heart Work – Week 9

Facing The Truth

Facing The Truth

The following is not from the art journal course, but from my own observation and my personal experiences.

We use many different forms of distractions/addictions/comforts to not feel what’s going on in our soul and in our life, but the truth always reveals its-self and it’s our choice; our will as to whether we do something about it; to heal and grow, to bring more love and joy into our life or to remain in denial, stagnation and suffer with the choices that we make that are not in harmony with love.

I am realising how important it is to take time to really get to know my soul, to feel my soul and not let the busyness of life distract me from what is truly important to me. Every time I allow distractions/addictions/fear to dominate my life, I disconnect myself from feeling God communicating to me and I also block myself from receiving more of God’s Love, which shows me how much I am still holding onto my way of doing things, rather then surrendering to Loving God’s Way, which only delays my growth.

Distractions remind me of a scene in the movie the Labyrinth, where Sarah meets a character in the movie called the Junk Lady. The Junk Lady piles Sarah’s arms up with heaps of distractions (material things that belong to Sarah) and tries to keep Sarah from remembering what is truly important to her. Sarah eventually becomes aware of these distractions and remembers what is truly important to her, which were not material things—it was love.

Growing my soul in Love is very important to me, so I need to be very aware and awake to what I am creating in my life, to see myself as I truthfully am, and to be humble to feeling all of my emotions in the moment and not wait to feel them later, as this again delays my progress towards a more joyful, loving and fulfilled life, of which I’m honestly asking myself why I would want to do this. Each step of my journey brings more awareness, more light upon my souls condition, but only if I use my will to sincerely want to know; to keep seeking and asking.

“Seek, and you will find”

“Ask, and it will be given to you”

“Knock, and the door will be opened to you”

Matthew 7:7

Which brings me to share one of the assignments from Week 9 about finding a picture that represents Calm & Stillness to me. I feel most connected to my soul when I’m walking in nature and I love the beach, it is very peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating to me. Nature is my soul space, my time for self-reflection and where my focus is on feeling and healing my soul without distractions. I must be in a humble state in these moments, as this is where I feel God’s guidance and communication to me more strongly; I’m away from distractions and noise—quiet time to feel and connect to my soul and God. I have also come to realise that I need to make this a daily priority and not let distractions keep me from something that is very beneficial for my soul growth.

Calm & Stillness Assignment

Calm & Stillness

Jennene’s Heart Work – Being in nature is my favourite soul space

What represents calm and stillness to you? What space do you give to yourself to connect more deeply to your soul? How often do you make time to deeply know and feel your soul?

Jennene 💗

Creative Heart Work – Week 8

Weekly Intention

Rest & Play

Rest & Play – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

This weeks assignment was to make a playlist – a list of activities that feel like play and joy to me. So instead of posting my playlist, I thought I would post some photo’s that represent some of the things on my list.

I love exploring and seeing new things.

Mt Kosciuszko

Mt Kosciuszko

I love walking along the beach.

Forster NSW

Forster NSW

I love trying new things.

Sand Dunes Stockton Beach NSW

Me tobogganing down the Sand Dunes at Stockton Beach NSW


Building a snowman at Perisher NSW – I have always wanted to go to the snow and build a snowman, which I did a few years ago – it was so much fun.

I love being in nature it’s so beautiful, relaxing, joyful and rejuvenating.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Everyday beauty and joyful finds on my walks, they bring that childlike joy and a sense of wonder and discovery.

Family of Ducks

Pink Bougainvillea Flowers

Pink Bougainvillea Flowers, so beautiful

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens NSW

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens – Alice in Wonderland and me at The Mad Hatters Tea Party 🙂

I love going on holidays.

Kiama NSW

This is East Beach Caravan Park, Kiama NSW. Kiama is a beautiful part of NSW and I loved this holiday, very relaxing with beautiful rolling hills over looking the ocean. It was whale season, so each day we walked up to the top of this hill and watched the whales pass by; so close you could hear their tails splashing against the water – very joyful.

Kiama NSW

Kiama NSW

Other things on my list where: singing, dancing, designing, creating, art and craft.

Rest & Play

Cultivating Play and Rest – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

What are some things that you love doing? What would you put on your Playlist?

Jennene 💗

Creative Heart Work – Week 7

I am a creative being

I am a creative being – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

I am so excited to be back doing Creative Heart Work, I have found another gift that I am passionate about, which is learning about my soul through art and creativity—this is truly a joy for me—yes, it does bring up emotions for me to feel about, but thats the point of it, it’s heart work and what a great way to heal and get to know yourself more deeply.

This weeks intention is “I am a creative being,” our assignment is to get an A4 piece of paper and write this weeks intention on it and then do artwork around it and stick it somewhere in our home where we will see it all the time. An easy assignment that gave me an incredible amount of joy—this was like a massive permission slip, to be creative all the time—my light truly switched on as I was creating my sign and I knew instantly that this was a passion that I desire to grow.

Heart Work Assignment

I am a Creative Being

Jennene’s Heart Work – I am a Creative Being, I have placed this in my kitchen where I will see it often.

Brené loves permission slips, so our next assignment was to get sticky notes and stick them into our art journal, and to think and feel about things that are intimidating or scary to you right now about embarking on the art course. To ask ourselves, what do you need to give yourself permission to do? Then, write it down on the sticky notes.

I give myself permission to…

I give myself permission to...

My love heart sticky notes

We are all creative beings with unique gifts waiting to unfold from our hearts desires. Only you can express your beautiful gifts. Create what is in your heart and soul and see the beauty that it reveals. The courage to be you!

Jennene 💗

Brené Brown – Art Journal Course

Brene Brown Course Logo

Exciting! Brené Brown’s Art Journal eCourse – Part 2 starts on the 3rd of April, 2014 and runs for 6 weeks. I am looking forward to doing some more heart work with Brene, as I love her honesty and willingness to share her vulnerabilities and I especially like the live chats with Brené, as it is more personal and lovely to see more of Brené’s personality as she shares her knowledge and experiences with the class and what has helped her on her journey.

Looking forward to sharing the wholehearted living through my heart work, throughout the course.

Thanks Brené and Oprah

Jennene 💗

* Photo used with permission from Oprah’s team @