Through The Mists Trilogy ~ By Robert James Lees

* Home Coming – Reclaiming & Healing Your Inner Child ~ By John Bradshaw

* The Alchemist ~ By Paulo Coelho

Books For Children:

These beautiful books below were written and illustrated by Trace Moroney. When I’m feeling…, is a series of 8 books designed to help children understand their feelings and develop a positive self-esteem. At the back of each book there is one page called – Notes for Parents, with a brief note written by a child psychologist offering some helpful insights. I bought these books for my children when they were younger (now teenagers), I kept them because they are so beautiful and I get them out sometimes and read them myself – Yes I’m a big kid 🙂

Loved Happy Kind Lonely Sad Angry Jealous Scared

* The Big Book of Love ~ By Trace Moroney

The Big Book of Love

* Oh, the Places You’ll Go! ~ By Dr Seuss