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“All These Other Things Will Be Added To You”

Since few on earth have had a relationship with God, few recognise the benefits.

Since few recognise the benefits, few actually embrace the relationship on earth.

Unfortunately most of the benefits of the relationship with God only begin to be realised after a person has passed from the earth into the spirit world.

It does not have to be this way, because the benefits are available to all in any location.

Kinds Of Benefits

The benefits range from:

Minor & physical to massive & soul based in scale;

Personal & intimate through to global then universal in scope;

Immediate to everlasting in timing;

In fact ALL other things will be added to you through the relationship with God.

The following list is not exhaustive, but will give some ideas of what we gain.

Primary Benefits Of Having A Relationship With God

1. I come to know the Creator personally as I grow towards God.

I have a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

I experience the joy of being close to God & being able to learn from God personally.

I feel intensely Loved by God, and therefore cherished, safe, & secure in that Love.

I love God, & place the relationship with God first in my life.

I desire passionately God’s Love, it is the most intensely pleasurable experience I can have.

2. I come to understand God more as I grow towards God.

I understand that God is powerful because of the amount of Love God has.

I begin to see the strength of Love, rather than seeing love as a weakness.

I begin to see that I can only become more powerful as I personally grow in love.

I begin to see the relationship between God’s Qualities & Attributes.

Eg. Between Love and Wisdom, between Love and Creativity.

Eg. Between Love and Power, between Love and Truth.

3. I come to trust and have faith in God implicitly as I grow towards God.

I become more and more God reliant, and less self-reliant.

I trust that God only creates loving systems, & that if I am experiencing an unloving system, it is not because it is God’s creation, but rather a creation of someone who has been unloving.

I trust that all of God’s Laws will benefit me, and bring me to Love & Truth.

I no longer fight God, or attempt to rebel against God.

4. I learn about Love from the source of all Love.

Since God Loves perfectly, by receiving Her Love I learn about the true qualities, attributes & nature of love just by having a relationship with God.

When I receive Divine Love from God, I automatically change & become more loving towards myself, & all of God’s other creations; especially towards God’s other children.

5. I come to understand the quality of Humility.

I see that God is causing me to become more humble in my manner & attitude.

I see that humility becomes an important ingredient enabling me to have deeper relationships.

I see that humility becomes the most essential quality that I must embrace personally.

I no longer hold onto incorrect & inaccurate viewpoints of myself.

I come to see myself as God sees me.

I learn the power of humility in my life & my relationships.

6. I find the only way of discovering Absolute Truth as I grow towards God

Through my relationship with God, I have a way to discern what is moral, ethical & loving in every situation I can encounter.

If I continue to grow in this Love & relationship, I have the potential of having all of the secrets of the universe revealed to me directly from the Creator of the Universe himself.

If I continue to grow in this Love & relationship, I will also come to understand the Truth about myself, & every other Creation of God.

I learn the importance of Divine Truth in my relationship to God & receiving Love.

7. I become an eternal student & constant teacher of Divine Truth as I grow towards God.

I automatically teach about God’s Love and Truth simply through the way in which I embrace & live my own life.

I automatically, through my will, thoughts, words, & actions, confront error & unlovingness whenever I come into contact with it.

I realise that I shall ever be a student of God, always learning from Her.

I realise that to teach, I only need to embrace the principles of Divine Love and Truth in every & all situations & circumstances.

8. I will come to completely know myself as I grow towards God.

I will become the beautiful pristine soul God created me to be.

I will automatically be able to serve the world in joy & satisfaction, since in our pristine state our unique personality & nature adds love & creativity to God’s Universe.

I will discover why God created me, and embrace the person I was created to be.

9. I become immortal as I grow towards God.

Since God’s Love is eternal & immortal, once we have received this Love into our soul, it is impossible for us to ever die or not exist, since for this to happen, God’s Love would also have to die or not exist.

This means that I have become immortal, with a guarantee of now living & growing eternally.

10. I live more & more in my soul as I grow towards God.

I become an emotional, sensitive, feeling being.

My emotions & feelings become more powerful & creative.

I become more sensitive to my own & others experiences, thereby automatically feeling when events & situations are out of harmony with God’s Love & Truth.

I use my mind to assist my soul to experience emotion without resistance, rather than to suppress or deny the emotions that continue to restrain, control or motivate me unlovingly.

I live “in the moment”, enjoying each situation as a learning & growing experience.

11. I grow & expand eternally, without limit as I get closer to God.

Since God’s Love is infinite, it has the potential to change me infinitely, & therefore my growth & expansion is potentially without limit.

Since God Herself seems infinite, our relationship with God will always cause us to become more like God in every attribute & quality, while retaining the individuality of our own personality.

12. I will attract my soulmate, the other half of myself to me as I grow towards Gods.

AS I grow closer to God, I will remove from myself all of the blockages & impediments that have been given to me from my environment that prevent me from attracting my soulmate, the other half of myself, to me.

Once I attract my soulmate, God’s Love will also assist me to maintain & grow the relationship between myself & my other half, by causing me to respond in love to every situation, issue or problem that I face in that relationship.

13. I come to understand the design of my soul & the God’s purpose for creating me.

I recognise I am 1⁄2 of myself, & I embrace the other half of myself.

Together each half learns about the human soul generally, & our own soul nature specifically.

Together each half learns & discovers the power of our personal will & desire.

Together each half learns & discovers how to use our soul’s will in harmony with Love. Together we see the joyful & positive effects of this, along with any effect of unloving choices.

Together we learn how to create lasting creations, lovingly & powerfully.

14. I become more healthy in every possible way as I grow towards God.

My soul will become more loving, & therefore have the ability to heal any lack of health in my physical or spiritual bodies.

My spiritual body will respond to my soul changes automatically, & automatically the energy in that body will begin to revitalise my entire spiritual & physical system.

My physical body will respond to the changes in my spiritual body, & any lack of health in my physical body will also be corrected.

My bodies will feel & appear young again.

My age will no longer determine my health.

Every living thing in my environment will feel my health & respond in some manner to it.

15. Many other “gifts” will be added to me as I grow towards God

These include;

The gift of being able to converse with any other being in the universe.

The gift of being able to heal any other being in the universe, dependent upon their will. Excellence in abilities; singing, dancing, music, arts, engineering, mathematics, etc

The gift of no longer being limited by space & time.

16. I will attract everything needed to grow eternally as I grow towards God.

I will attract events that cause me to release my own limitations from myself.

I will attract relationships that cause my growth.

I will attract gifts that I need to be able to use & exercise to assist with my growth.

I will ultimately be completely in a place of joy & lasting happiness through my engagement with these things that I attract through my relationship with God.

17. I will become less dependent on others as I grow towards God.

I will become less dependent on my environment & relationships with others (either on earth or in the spirit world) to experience joy & happiness.

I will become only reliant on God Himself, & my relationship with God places me in a state where I can give more & more to others without needing or expecting anything in return. This heightens my capacity to GIVE, rather than to take from my environment & people who enter my life.

18. I embrace my childlike nature as I grow towards God.

Being more like a child causes me:

To be completely open to learning & being taught new concepts & new ways of living.

To be completely open to learning without resistance, and with joy & passion.

To embrace God’s Truths rather than resisting them.

To learn rapidly & without pain & suffering.

19. Pleasure becomes soul-based & more intense as I grow towards God.

Since our soul senses are more powerful than any other sense, as I grow towards God, all of my emotional, spiritual & physical sensations & experiences heighten.

My ability to experience & my sensitivity to pleasure increases as I grow in Love.

Each new pleasurable sensation is greater than previous sensations as I grow in Love.

20. I experience & live in new dimensional spaces as I grow towards God.

My expansion in Love allows me to experience living in higher dimensions where more love & truth exist.

My soul is a powerful creator, & added to my own & other soul’s experience of these more loving dimensions.

My loving soul has a powerful & loving impact on my environment in every way possible.

I have the capacity to create new dimensions in which I & others can live, or to improve the dimensions which my condition of Love allows me to enter.

I can continuously move from lower to higher dimensions as I continue to grow, so I am forever interested in my life, seeking more & more knowledge & love.

21. My knowledge of God’s Laws expands as I grow towards God.

As my soul grows in Love, I am capable of understanding more & more about God’s Laws. My ability to utilise God’s Laws in a loving manner improves my own ability to create.

I come to see God’s Laws as a framework in which I can operate.

I see God’s Laws as creative & expansive, rather than limiting.

I am less limited by lower laws as I understand & embrace the higher laws.

As I embrace the higher Laws of God, I exceed the limitations of the lower Laws.

I respect God’s authority & see His Laws as products of His Love for me as I grow towards God.

22. My power to create expands as I grow towards God.

My ability to create is only limited by how much Divine Love exists within my soul.

Since I can receive more Divine Love infinitely, my ability to create expands infinitely.

I come to have more personal power & energy.

I have the ability to use my power in more creative & fulfilling ways.

The scope of my creation changes from finite material non-living creations, to more massive, spiritual living creations pregnant with life & intelligence.

We can create physical forms, & give them life.

We can create physical bodies through which we can express ourselves.

We can create spiritual bodies to express ourselves to spirit persons.

23. I am no longer limited by space as I grow towards God.

I receive the gift & ability of being able to be immediately present in multiple locations at any one time from God.

I no longer desire to remain forever in a specific location in space.

I can travel across space, even across multi-dimensional space.

Distance is no longer a limitation in my experience of life.

I no longer attempt to limit where I live, but where I live changes according to my growth.

I can see larger distances, & both infinitesimal & universal systems.

24. I am no longer limited by time as I grow towards God.

I am not only patient, but I can create larger things in a shorter period of time.

I no longer place time limits on my creations, since I feel I am eternal in nature.

I no longer become complacent, or procrastinate, since my creations become more immediate.

I no longer feel I will lose opportunities as a result of time.

I no longer wait for things, I recognise opportunity & respond immediately to it.

I embrace change in a short amount of time, so time compresses for me.

25. My connection with all other creation grows as I get closer to God.

My connection with everything that God has created deepens.

I see God’s attention to detail, & begin having more attention to detail myself.

I see the role & purpose of all of God’s creations, & the part I play in that system.

I feel & experience the symbiotic relationship between all Creations.

26. Everything becomes effortless as I get closer to God.

Since my soul changes, everything I do becomes more effortless.

It is more effortless because I am in personal harmony with more Love, & therefore in harmony with more of God’s Laws.

I am no longer working against God’s Laws at the soul level of my being.

I am working in harmony with Laws, which means creation is easier & more enjoyable.

I no longer “work hard” all the time, I can enjoy the process of creation without pain.

27. I observe the real affects I have on the Universe as I grow towards God.

I no longer see myself as an insular being.

I see the positive & negative effects of my choices & use of my will.

I understand the Laws relating to Cause & Effect, & the Laws relating to Compensation.

I understand & focus on repairing causes, rather than working on the effects.

I become more economical in my personal effort.

I understand that as I observe & experience the Universe, I change the Universe itself.

I become aware of the effects of my presence in the Universe as I get closer to God.


If I seek first anything else, I place restrictions on my own life & experience

I limit my own enjoyment of life

I limit my own expansion & growth

I limit my own pleasurable experiences I limit my own life

I limit other’s experience of myself

I limit my experience of others

If I seek first God’s Love, ALL these other things will be added to me

The things I have mentioned & many more will be gifted to me through the Relationship.

I will experience far more joy & pleasure than I presently have the capacity to understand.

I will become an unlimited being, forever growing, expanding & changing.

I will become immortal, unable to ever die or not exist.