Hi, I’m Jennene. Welcome to Heart of Love.

I have created this blog to share my personal experiences and journey whilst learning how to live and love God’s Way.

Jesus and Mary’s teachings about God’s Way have been an amazing gift to me and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to learn from them. Creating this blog is my way of being able to share with others how these teachings have changed my life in a positive way.

I am learning how to heal my soul, how to love myself, my soulmate, and others, from God’s perspective. Along with discovering and developing my personality, nature, passions and desires; and bringing them into harmony with God’s Love. I am also developing a personal relationship with God and learning how to remove the blocks I have towards receiving more love from God.

I have also discovered that I am very passionate about assisting others and sharing the truths that I am learning throughout my journey. My aspirations are to be able to assist Jesus and Mary in sharing Divine Truth as my full time work.

How I came across Divine Truth:

In 2002, I started to become more curious about the deeper meaning of life, which awakened my desire to seek for truth about my soul, God, love, life, and where our soul goes when the physical body dies. The first seven years of my journey, in a quest to find answers to my questions, led me to many spiritual and personal development seminars, courses, and books, along with learning different healing modalities. Throughout this time I did gain some helpful information that I put into practise to improve my life and became more aware of my soul, as well as receiving some answers to my questions. However, I came to a point in my journey where I started to feel unfulfilled, there were still many questions left unanswered and I did not feel that my soul had progressed much. Although I often talked to God and at times I felt God was guiding and helping me, I did not feel closer to knowing God.

At this point I decided to take some time away from everything that I had been learning and doing, including the healing practice that I had started, and I begun to reflect on what I had learnt, what wasn’t working and some time to feel what was going on in my soul. I began to feel and see many things that were in error and I came to realise that I needed to take personal responsibility for healing my own soul, if I wanted to see and feel lasting positive change in my soul, my physical body and in my life. I could feel this is what I needed to do, I just didn’t know how to, because what I had been doing was not bringing the changes that I desired on a deeper level. So I began to pray to God to help me. How do I heal my soul? How do I get to the core of what causes physical illnesses?

A month later (2009) a friend gave me a DVD to watch about Divine Truth, and later I came across The Padgett Messages, and Through The Mists trilogy by Robert James Lees. Through these teachings my questions were answered, as well as learning new Truths about God and the universe that God has created. In addition, I also learnt that there is a difference between personal truth and God’s Truth, which is always loving. I was excited and inspired to start experimenting with these teachings about how to heal my soul and become the soul God created me to be, and how to have a personal relationship with God and receive God’s Love.

Since this time I have had an amazing opportunity to attend the 2016 Education in Love Series taught by Jesus and Mary, which I highly recommend watching.

Jesus & Mary Magdalene ~ Photo courtesy of Mary

I would like to express my gratitude to Jesus and Mary for teaching us about God’s Way, for the personal feedback I have received, and for your love, truth and care that you have for us all. You are both an inspiration and a beautiful example for us to see a soul growing and changing by living and loving God’s Way.

“Desire is the key for which the highest possible Principles are engaged” ~ Jesus

I look forward to sharing my passions, what lights up my soul, and what I have learnt and continue to learn along the way with all who would like to hear, with the hope that it may inspire and assist others who desire to grow their souls in love towards God.

Please note that my current beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that I share on my blog throughout my journey, is my soul’s condition of love and understanding at that moment in time. As I grow in love and learn more about God’s Principles my beliefs, thoughts and feelings are also changing.


Feel free to ask questions, leave a comment or contact Jennene Hart via email.

Heart of Love