Rock Pool Discoveries

I have been enjoying exploring the beach and rock pools over the past few weeks, which inspired me to do my first rock pool guided tour on the weekend, which I found fascinating. If you wish to bring out your inner child or awaken your desire to start exploring and discovering, this is a great way to do it. I have walked along rock platforms many times, but have never really paid much attention to the many creations around me and the amazing work they all do, I learn’t many things on this tour and had just as much fun as the little kids that were on the tour with us.


Rock Platforms


Looks like craters on the moon which were filled with lots of what I thought were just shells.


There were hundreds of shells covering the rock platforms, which were homes to snails. They slowly move over the rocks eating algae (although some snails eat other snails). Names of the snails here: Tubercled Noddiwink (tiny ones), Black Nerite and Variegated Limpet (white & brown – photo below).



This rock is covered with Rosette Barnacles – Barnacles are closely related to prawns, they are filter feeders which open their shell plates when covered by water and collect food particles with their hairy feet.


Tiny crab that was hiding under a rock. So clever how they remover their shell when they get to big for it and form a new one.


This large rock pool is filled with little star fish (now called sea stars because they are not actually fish, but closely related to sea urchins), which have five arms. They were so well camouflaged that we all couldn’t see them until our guide pointed them out. Below is a close up of the rock pool above.



This is a sea star our guide picked up to let us hold and see up close what they look like.


Sea star turned over – the star shaped lines you can see are lots of little feet and the round circle in the middle is it’s mouth.

IMG_3965I noticed that the closer I got to the main source of life (the ocean) the more life I saw in the rock pools and the more colourful they were. I started to feel a deeper understanding of our souls journey towards God and how we can come to have a closer relationship with our Divine Parent.

The closer I am to the source of God’s creations; to life, the more I feel a connection to God and I learn more about myself and about God in the process. My energy feels clearer when I am in nature, I feel more, my senses are heightened, and my mind is much clearer also. Although it is a slow process of healing my soul I have noticed every time I heal a part of my soul, let go of false beliefs and live in harmony with what God is teaching me I feel closer to God, I feel clearer and more vibrant in my soul, I feel more alive and more joyful.

Just like the rock pools are more vibrant, clearer and abundant the closer they are to the source of life, so too does the soul get more vibrant, clearer and abundant the closer it gets to God.


One little sea star in this little rock pool, it was a joy to find.

One little sea star in this little rock pool, it was a joy to find.


The brownish-red blobs hanging form this rock are called Waratah Anemone, they are closed up.

The brownish-red blobs hanging from this rock are called Waratah Anemone, they are closed up.


Waratah Anemone one partly opened and one fully opened – bright red with little sea stars around them, very colourful and a big difference from the rock pools closer to the beach.


The photo above is an Elephant Snail (black circle with what looks like a cream coloured shell on top), the two sea stars below the snail are in the photos below, our guide removed them from the rock pool briefly to show us more closely.


These sea stars are much larger with ten arms and it amazes me how much they camouflage with nearly the exact colour of the rock they are on. Below is the sea star turned over, which  it was in the middle of eating it’s lunch. Sea stars protrude their stomach outside of their mouth and digest their food outside of their bodies. Some sea stars can also grow new arms and a few species can grow an entire body. This sea star looks like it has had a couple of arms nibbled at.

IMG_3990We are surrounded by God’s creations all with an intelligent system that we can learn about and come to appreciate the amazing work they do. I am just beginning to open my eyes and my heart to learning about what gifts nature has to offer.