Exploring God’s Creations


My soul is being drawn to spend more time in nature and explore God’s beautiful, amazing creations (I will share over a few posts my discoveries as I begin to learn more about God and how nature can help you to learn more deeply about yourself).

Inspired to go whale watching as it is whale season and these beautiful, joyful, giants are heading north along the NSW coastline to warmer waters for breeding and calving. Although I didn’t see any this day I did observe the creations that where nearby as we waited patiently to spot a whale and soak up the warmth of the sun shining on us.

We spent a couple of hours relaxing and watching and what I noticed was the tree in front of me had magpies coming and going the whole time, and they would all do the same thing. They flew onto the branches, they observed their surroundings, they sang, they were silent, they sang some more, then off they flew.

I asked myself what can I learn about these magpies? They were happy being themselves, they were freely exploring the world in which they live, and they freely voiced what was inside of themselves, they didn’t need approval to sing and it didn’t matter if anyone heard them they just sang their tune aloud and off they went – I was grateful that I heard the song that they shared, I was grateful for the gift of sight, of hearing, of smell, of touch, of taste, and awareness.

The more I learn, explore, and discover the more I see how Loving, Amazing, Precise, and Intelligent God is.

What songs do we have inside of us that are longing to be sung?
What words do we have inside of us that are longing to be expressed?
What beautiful passions and desires are inside of us waiting to be free?

Jennene 💗