My Soul Reflects Upon The Autumn Leaves

Autumn Tree The changing colours of the autumn leaves are so beautiful and metaphorical. As I reflect upon these seasonal changes it helps me to learn more about myself and about love through one of God’s many creations—nature—which are constant reminders of the love and assistance God gives to us every step of the way. As the autumn season began I started to notice the beautiful changing colours of the leaves and felt a deeper understanding of the beautiful changes ones soul goes through whilst growing in love.

Trees naturally grow towards the light; they grow bigger, stronger and more full of life, giving us many different gifts; so too does the soul when we use our will to love; it yearns for the light of Love, of hope for a place more beautiful and vibrant; a place filled with love, kindness, warmth, peace and happiness; a place where the soul is free to be it’s glorious self and grow abundant in love, strength, health, joy, creativity and beauty; when we allow our soul to grow towards the light of Love.

The autumn leaves go through a layer of colours before it sheds the old; so too does the soul, it can feel many layers before it sheds the error it has absorbed from it’s environment. The autumn tree sheds the old leaves and awaits the growth of the new; the soul sheds the error, absorbs the truth and grows in love. Autumn Trees I see the beauty in the autumn leaves as they go through changes of shedding the old. I see the beauty in the bare tree that has shed the old and awaits the new growth; for it’s transformation will be full and abundant of life and beauty.

Do I see the beauty in my soul, as I too shed the old and welcome the new? God is teaching me to love; unconditional love and self compassion is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves as we shed the old and welcome the new.

God's Love

Loving God’s Way is so beautiful and much easier then my way!

I only make it harder for myself when I resist the most Loving Way!

Jennene 💗