Creative Heart Work – Week 10

Sharing Our Gifts

Sharing Our Gifts – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

I am discovering how important it is to express our creativity, to find what brings you joy, what lights up your soul and embrace it. By paying attention to what we are drawn to, we can begin to discover many ways to be creative in our everyday life: play, experiment, discover, explore, create, feel, and imagine. Being creative isn’t something we do when we are children, being creative is for everyone, it brings you alive, it brings joy and fulfillment, it unlocks your beautiful gifts in abundance, it opens your heart and awakens your soul, it brings a longing for passion and desire (in harmony with love) in your daily life.

I feel an excitement inside my heart and soul as I am writing about our desires and creativity, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the joy to come from embracing my own desires; I will share with you as I learn and experience more along the way.

Being creative allows the real you to shine through and be the soul God created you to be.

With love & joy,

Jennene 💗

Let Your Light Shine ~ Jennene Hart

Let Your Light Shine ~ Jennene Hart