Creative Heart Work – Week 7

I am a creative being

I am a creative being – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

I am so excited to be back doing Creative Heart Work, I have found another gift that I am passionate about, which is learning about my soul through art and creativity—this is truly a joy for me—yes, it does bring up emotions for me to feel about, but thats the point of it, it’s heart work and what a great way to heal and get to know yourself more deeply.

This weeks intention is “I am a creative being,” our assignment is to get an A4 piece of paper and write this weeks intention on it and then do artwork around it and stick it somewhere in our home where we will see it all the time. An easy assignment that gave me an incredible amount of joy—this was like a massive permission slip, to be creative all the time—my light truly switched on as I was creating my sign and I knew instantly that this was a passion that I desire to grow.

Heart Work Assignment

I am a Creative Being

Jennene’s Heart Work – I am a Creative Being, I have placed this in my kitchen where I will see it often.

Brené loves permission slips, so our next assignment was to get sticky notes and stick them into our art journal, and to think and feel about things that are intimidating or scary to you right now about embarking on the art course. To ask ourselves, what do you need to give yourself permission to do? Then, write it down on the sticky notes.

I give myself permission to…

I give myself permission to...

My love heart sticky notes

We are all creative beings with unique gifts waiting to unfold from our hearts desires. Only you can express your beautiful gifts. Create what is in your heart and soul and see the beauty that it reveals. The courage to be you!

Jennene 💗