Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford – Finding Your Passion

I have just finished watching Oprah’s Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford, Cindy talks about finding your passion and the 5 questions that matter; these questions have helped Cindy to have clarity and to feel more deeply as to why she is passionate about the things she loves in her life. Cindy talks about some of her life lessons and the different stages of her journey, which has been about exploring, asking questions and learning more about what her passions are.

People in the audience had opportunities to ask questions and also to express their wisdom, it seems that the biggest thing that gets in the way of following our passions are: fear, needing approval from others, what if I make the wrong choice (which is also fear), unworthiness and not allowing ourselves to explore or experiment with what we are passionate about.

I enjoyed listening to Cindy share her knowledge and what has worked for her on her journey in life. This Lifeclass goes for 49 minutes and is available to watch now on demand, I’m not sure how long it will be available to watch; for those that are interested.

Jennene 💗