The Life Elysian – Book Review

The Life Elysian

The Life Elysian*

“There is no death! What seems so is transition;

This life of mortal breath

Is but a suburb of the life Elysian,

Whose portal we call death.”

By Aphraar

Last night I finished reading the second book in the Trilogy by Robert James Lees, called—The Life Elysian. Words cannot express my feelings as I have read this book and some are very personal and sacred, so I won’t attempt to try and share them here, but I will say that I am deeply grateful to Aphraar (which is Fredric Winterleigh’s new name in the spirit world), Robert James Lees, to everyone that has been involved in making these books available for us here on earth and to Mary for bringing these books to my awareness.

In this second book Aphraar shares more of his journey and progress in the spirit world; Aphraar is assisted and guided by our Celestial brothers and sisters to learn and experience the workings of God’s Laws in the spirit world and on earth. There are so many truths and revelations revealed in this book and I felt in awe of just how beautiful, powerful and loving God is and of God’s Laws, which are designed to help us heal and grow in Love towards God—even the souls in the hells of the spirit world will be saved by the workings of God’s Laws. The soul is accountable for everything it creates out of harmony with God’s Love, but through embracing God’s Loving Laws in our life we can heal and purify our soul and reap the many rewards that God has for us; including a happy, joyful, peaceful, creative, emotional loving and infinite life.

Aphraar shares so many of his experiences: of the spirit world, his visits to earth and learning about spirit influences on earth and why spirits are drawn back to earth, our sleep state experiences—where we visit the spirit world, of children when they pass, and teachings of Jesus and God. Aphraar had a desire to be of service and assist his brothers and sisters on earth with these truths he was learning from the moment he entered the spirit world and I have found the information he has shared very beneficial and I highly recommend these books for all to read.

The Life Elysian

*Photo of book cover used with permission from Publishing Company – Sanders & Co UK Ltd.