Trusting in God Always

God is always with me

 God always watches over me

Rainbow Lorikeet

Mama Rainbow Lorikeet with her baby to the right.

God is always gentle, loving and caring with me

God always allows my free-will to learn and grow

Rainbow Lorikeet

Baby Rainbow Lorikeet looking down towards the ground, Mama is further down in the hollow of the tree, allowing her baby some freedom to learn for herself. Dada is up in the tree, watching over.

God always listens to me and is always patient

God always has help ready – before I even ask; 

as the moment I sincerely ask, it is instantly given

Rainbow Lorikeet

Dada came down from above & took his place next to Mama, to protect their baby as I came closer for a photo, baby is behind them in the hollow of the tree. Baby came back out as I continued on with my walk.

God always guides me to Love 

God always guides me to Truth

God always delights in my progress

Rainbow Lorikeets

So beautiful to watch this little family as I reflected upon what I’m beginning to learn & feel about God’s nature.

God always draws me closer

sometimes it takes me awhile, but I get there; a step closer

Trusting in God Always! 

I don’t always get it right, everyday I’m out of harmony with God’s Love and sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to remove all the errors, emotional injuries and false beliefs from my soul, but I never give up, because giving up would mean giving up on loving me and growing my soul in Love towards God. Every time I heal an emotional injury from my soul; my heart opens a bit more; my love grows a bit more; I learn a bit more, and I am a step closer to God; a step closer to Pure Love. No matter how long it takes—it is a treasure worth growing for.

Jennene 💗