Through The Mists – Book Review

Through the Mists

Through the Mists*

I have just finished reading one of the most beautiful and insightful books I have ever read. Through the Mists is a Trilogy by Robert James Lees, the other two books in this series, are The Life Elysian and The Gate of Heaven. I have added these books to the menu bar under the ‘Tab’-  Books I Love – even though I haven’t finished reading them, I knew at the beginning of reading Through the Mists that I was going to love the others.

This book was recorded by Robert James Lees in 1898 by the author Fredric Winterleigh from the spirit world. This is the story of Fredric who was killed whilst trying to save the life of a child in London, England. When Fred passed through the mists into the spirit world, he experienced a fascinating journey; learning lessons from his Spirit Teachers/Guides, who corrected his false beliefs that he acquired whilst on earth, to a reality of truth. Fred does use a lot of poetry in telling his story, so at times I had to re-read a page or paragraph to understand what he was expressing, though it did not stop me from enjoying reading about Fred’s journey and the way he describes the spirit world and lessons/truths he is learning – you feel like you’re there with him on his journey.

While Fred started to learn these truths, he had a strong desire to return to earth and share these truths to everyone on earth. He discovered that there was a way in which he could do, exactly that, and now I hold in my hand these beautiful words of truth, a gift from Fredric and everyone that helped to bring us this knowledge to earth.

Through The Mists

Last night I excitedly placed my bookmark in the second book – The Life Elysian

* Photo of book cover used with permission from Publishing Company – Sanders & Co UK Ltd.