Creative Heart Work – Week 4

Weekly Intention – Letting go of numbing

Feeling all of my emotions - #OLCBreneCourse

Feeling all of my emotions – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

This weeks intention is to stay mindful of numbing. Brene Brown’s quote – “I will remember that when I ‘take the edge off’ pain or stress, I take away my own joy. We can’t selectively numb emotion, and want more joy, meaning and purpose.”

This weeks assignment is to think about the things I use to numb myself when I’m feeling pain or sadness.

Below are a couple of the questions from this weeks assignment to ask ourselves and my answer to the question:

Q: What leads us to numbing? A: Not wanting to feel our painful emotions.

Q: How do we numb? A: By finding ways to avoid, deny or distract ourselves from feeling our emotions. Addictions can form when we don’t want to feel; example of avoidance and addictions: anger, fear, denial, shame, blame, control, neediness, people pleasing, wanting approval from others, chocolate, food, coffee, shopping, alcohol, smoking, drugs, keeping ourselves busy, social media, internet, playing electronic games….

Our assignment this week was to create a collage of words about what drives you to numb and a collage about what you use to numb. Although I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, drink coffee or play video games, I do find other ways in which I’m still numbing and avoiding feeling some of my emotions. Below is one of my collages/chart about some of the ways I numb and what I have learnt about healing my soul. I couldn’t fit what I was feeling on one page in my art journal, so I decided to do up a chart on my computer.

I have also made a separate chart to list the main numbing/blocking emotions – Anger, Fear, Avoidance/Addictions and I am in the process of adding to the list all the things that I am blocking. This I will keep personal, but I have added a blank chart below my Heart Work Assignment, feel free to print a copy if you desire to write your own list. It is really beneficial to write down what you become aware of, because acknowledgement is the first step towards healing.

Letting go of numbing – Heart Work Assignment

Letting Go Of Numbing

Jennene’s Heart Work

Soul Healing – Printable Chart

Letting Go Of Numbing Chart

Soul Healing Chart

The second part of our assignment was creating a comfort list, of which I partly don’t agree with, because some of our comforts can also be our addictions or what we use to distract ourselves from feeling our painful emotions. Its only when we acknowledge, be truthful with ourselves and have a desire to feel our causal emotions, that our soul will heal and we naturally begin to feel more joy, as a result of releasing emotional injuries from our soul. So instead I did a list that embraced things that would support and assist my soul growth.

What are somethings you do to numb; to not feel your emotions?

What are somethings you can do to support and assist your soul growth?

Jennene 💗