Creative Heart Work – Week 3

Self-Compassion #OLCBreneCourse

Self-Compassion – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

I have really loved doing this weeks assignment, which is about self-compassion and talking to ourselves as lovingly as we talk to others. I have developed more self-compassion as my soul heals, so this assignment for me has shown me how much I have progressed since starting my healing journey. I have a long way to go, but its nice to see and feel that I have made some big changes and transformations in my soul.

Our assignment this week was to find two pictures or memories of times when you could have used some compassion. Times when you where struggling or had feelings of being alone or feelings of not being enough. We then pasted the photos in our journals and wrote down next to the photos something loving, kind and compassionate we could tell ourselves, if we could have gone back to that time and whispered to ourselves.

When I first read about this weeks assignment, I felt it might be like doing an affirmation, which I prefer just to be honest with myself instead of telling myself something that I don’t believe in my soul to be true. What I found was, it was opening up my heart to love myself more, I could feel as I was looking through all of my photos again, how healing this process was for me and choosing two photos that reflected my assignment. After completing my heart work I noticed how I was feeling and I could feel my heart was open and I felt a love for myself that was deeper then it was before. This has been a beautiful gift for me to do and I am very grateful to everyone; including myself for the opportunities I have been given to heal my soul and grow in Love. And this is why I’m sharing my soul journey, because this really works, it’s life changing and loving you is worth it! Yes I’m really excited and passionate about soul growth 🙂

Self-Compassion – Heart Work Assignment

Jennene's Heart Work Journal

Jennene’s Heart Work Journal