Creative Heart Work – Week 2

Authenticity - #OLCBreneCourse

Authenticity – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

Week two’s heart work is to find a picture of yourself that captures your authentic self. It can be a photo from your childhood or a photo of yourself now; that reveals the essence of who you are. Suggestions were to choose a photo not because you like the way you look or ones that other people admire, to choose an image that captures the part of you that you love.

This weeks assignment was interesting for me, as I looked back on my childhood photos – of which there is not many – nearly all of them reminded me of growing up in an unloving environment; each one reminded me of certain events that took place as I grew up. This was very good for me to do, because as I was recalling these events I felt no sadness towards this time in my life, which indicated to me that healing had taken place in my soul on those particular times in my life. So I didn’t choose a childhood photo, as they didn’t capture the essence of who I am now. As I looked through all of my photos I began to notice that there were lots of photos of me sitting on funny things you find at amusement parks or touristy things. So the photo I chose was one about 20 years ago of me sitting on a horse at Putt Putt Golf holding a teddy bear that we had won. I am a child at heart and I feel this photo bests represents the essence of who I am.

Authentic – Heart Work Assignment

Jennene's Heart Work Journal - #OLCBreneCourse

Jennene’s Heart Work Journal

Our second assignment was to answer the above questions:  

Note: The questions are for him/her, I have just changed them to her.

What makes my light shine?

Keep My Light Shining

What makes your light shine?

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