Creative Heart Work – Week 1

Brene Brown’s eCourse is about the Wholehearted Journey, from her book – The Gifts Of Imperfection; Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. Being Authentic!

Each week we have reading assignments from Brene’s book, there are a few short video’s with Brene and guests she has invited to share and demonstrate their creative ideas for the art work we are doing in our journals for each weeks lessons. There is also live Q & A sessions throughout the course.

The first weekly intention is: Courage, Compassion and Connection

Connection - #OLCBreneCourse

Connection – Brené Brown Art Journal eCourse

Being Authentic and Embracing who I am: Throughout this course I will incorporate what I have learnt and know to be true on my journey of healing my soul and growing in Love towards God, so I may change things so that it is more in alignment with what I have learnt and experienced. I will state where I have changed my heart work and share some of my feelings that have come up while doing this course.

Our first art work is Permission Slips: The questioned asked was – What do you have to give yourself permission to do when your doing something scary?

This is my first Heart Work Assignment in my Art Journal.

Creative Heart Work

Jennene’s Heart Work Journal

You don’t have to be a professional artist to be creative and have some fun bringing your heart & soul out onto paper. The permission slip assignment could be written on tags or draw tags and write in them or simply write a list. You can be messy or neat, what ever you desire to create. We got to view other peoples art work, that uploaded their work for others to see. Some very inspirational work, from scrapbooking, painting, drawings, pictures to more basic ones; like mine.

Our second assignment I am still creating and its about sharing the story of who you are with all your heart. The assignments are all done in our art journals and can be kept private for our own personal journey or if you desire you can share your own art work publicly. I thought I would share my first one, because it is about facing your fears, which is what I am working on at the moment and I feel writing down our feelings can help to bring more clarity on what needs to be healed in our soul. For me its not about permission, but about using my will and setting intentions to heal my soul and grow in Love, because thats where real, lasting happiness is found.

Jennene 💗

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