Brene Brown’s Art Journal Course & Embracing Your Passions

I am discovering on my journey, that God has given us unique gifts, of which we can begin to discover by embracing our passions and desires that are in harmony with love.

In 2007, I completed a 14 week Introduction to Colour Therapy Course – Self Understanding Through Colour. Each week we were given homework to do; we had a white piece of poster size cardboard cut in half and we were given a colour to create and decorate the board with. We could use any materials that would glue or stick to the board: pictures, stickers, glitter, beads, paint, different materials, scrapbooking craft, ribbon…. all in the one colour that we were working with for that week of the course. We then brought it back the following week to share our creation with everyone, if we desired. It was so much fun to be immersed in colour, learning and creating.

Colour Collage

Colour Collage

My first red colour collage, from my Colour Course.

I love being creative, designing, using colours and learning more about myself through art work, which is what attracted me to do Brene Brown’s – 6 Week Art Journal eCourse; that started last Sunday. Each week over the next six weeks, I will share some of my journey through this course on my blog. If it inspires you to get creative, I would love to hear about, if you would like to share.

The first week of the Course is setting intentions of Courage, Compassion and Connection. In my next post I will share the art work we have been doing in the course.

Find what brings you joy, what lights up your life, embrace it and if you desire, share it! 

Jennene 💗