The Beauty of Creation & Being Present

Its springtime in Australia, my favourite season; although I do love summer too. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blossoming, new growth starting to come through on the bare trees, butterflies everywhere, so beautiful.

My morning walk in nature is a time for me where I feel more connected to my soul, which allows me to feel more of my emotions; an opportunity to heal and come to know my soul more. Its also a time where I feel my guidance more; a time where creative thoughts flow, and the joy of being in nature and soaking up the warmth of the sun shining on me.

On my walk this morning, I decided to set my intention to be more present and aware of my surroundings, to observe nature, to see and to listen. To my amazement this is what I discovered:

  • Beautiful trees that I have walked passed every day for years and have never noticed them.
This is the tree that stood out to me. The leaves and colour of this tree where amazing.

This is the tree that stood out for me. The leaves and colour of this tree where amazing.

  • I saw so many beautiful flowers in different colours and different shades of the one colour.
Pink Flowers

Some of the beautiful flowers I saw on my walk.

  • I saw different shades of colours in the trees, different varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers. Which led me to thinking about how amazing God is and that by observing nature we can come to learn more about God’s Nature. God created abundance of everything I saw today, not just one tree, or one flower, or one colour, or one variety, but an abundance of everything. God has also created everything to have multiple purposes as I noticed my thoughts passing a big canopy tree; it gives us oxygen, a home for birds, wildlife and insects, it gives us shade, some trees give us food and some trees give us joy from their beauty. Nature can restore your energy, bring peace, relaxation and awareness. God is abundant, intelligent, so loving, thoughtful and perfected in everything She has created for us to thrive and grow in love.

This observation gave me the most joy. I took this photo from across the road, a beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet was looking straight out from the hole in this tree, but it moved back in when I stopped to get my phone out to take a photo.

  • I saw butterflies fluttering past me and around the flowers.
  • I saw beautiful old cottages in amongst new homes that have been built, I never noticed them before.
  • I saw some homes had hammocks on their porch, beautiful creative gardens and a home that had normal rectangle windows with one window at the side of their house that was small and round with coloured tinted glass and a blue bird on it. These are some of things I noticed as I walked by and I have never noticed them before, but they easily stood out when I became aware of my environment.
  • I saw people gardening, mowing the lawn, having breakfast in a cafe with their friends, people walking alone or with their dog, people sitting on seats looking out to the ocean, people working and building homes. Most of these things I do notice, but I was more aware today and I wanted to include it as part of my observation.
  • I heard the sound of birds chirping and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. And the sound of cars passing by. I do tend to be in tune to the sound of birds chirping and the sound that waves make as I love listening to them.

The beach I walk past on my morning walk.

I felt more alive and got so much joy from being present and embracing my childlike qualities, it felt like I was seeing things with new eyes. As I write this post I think about how much of life I’m not seeing and experiencing when I’m not present and living in the moment. I have seen and experienced some of the benefits of being present and I feel it is very important for soul growth. I am definitely going to keep setting my intention to be present in life and to embrace more of my childlike qualities.

Jennene 💗