Letting Go Of The Training Wheels

God Reliant

Over the past five months God has been gently and lovingly helping me and teaching me to become God Reliant. It has been my consistent prayer to God to teach me and my desire to let go of my ways that helps me to continue to grow in Love. I am learning that God’s Way is so much easier then my way.

It has been a process for me over time, of which I have discovered: as I come to know God, and feel God’s Love for me, I have begun to trust in God and I can feel my love growing towards our Divine Parent. I feel like a toddler in God’s earth school, starting with a clean slate, beginning to learn about my soul, about life and about God from God Herself, my teacher of Truth. One of the most important things God has taught me, is you will only come to know God and His Universe through your soul, not your mind. So feeling and opening your heart up to love becomes very important.

I have been pondering about coming to know God if there was no one to show me the way. What if I was the first person to live on this earth, I was alone, there was no other person to teach me about God, no books about God, no Bible, then how would I come to know about God? First God would have to desire to be known to me and if God does desire this, I would come to learn that God is a Soul and God communicates to me from His Soul to my soul. Which means I would feel God communicating to me, I would feel God’s Love for me, Love that you will not doubt is the Love of our Divine Parent.

Then I thought, I would also need to have a desire to know who Created me and the environment I am living in, which I could learn by observing the creations in my environment and by the amazing human body and how it functions. I would come to see and feel that God is a God of Love, Abundance, Intelligence and has created everything with precision and purpose. Who is this amazing Soul that Created all of this? I want to know, and its with this desire that God feels me calling and longing to know more, to feel more, to love more, then God responds to my calling and it’s my willingness to be open to learning from my Beautiful, Gentle and Loving Divine Parent that will enable me to become God Reliant. To feel God communicating to me has allowed me to learn from God, which has built my faith, trust and love for God, and I feel this is very important in becoming God Reliant.

Which brings me to explain my transition like a bike with training wheels. The training wheels for me are:

  • Self reliant – doing things my way
  • Holding onto false beliefs
  • Things that I have learnt in life that are in error
  • Things that are not in harmony with God’s Love and Truth

Leaving the training wheels on prevents me from experiencing freedom, growth and a new and better way to travel along my path to God.

God Reliant is letting go of the training wheels and allowing God to show me the way; the way to Pure Love, peace, joy, abundance and the freedom to be who God created me to be.

I remember when we took the training wheels off our children’s bikes, I held them up and ran along side of their bike until they found balance and off they went, with so much joy that the unknown wasn’t that scary, in fact it was better.

Bike with training wheels

So at the moment I’m learning to let go of self reliance, knowing God is there to embrace me and show me the way. A journey along the path with God.

Jennene 💗

3 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Training Wheels

  1. justify148

    That is very interesting subject to be God reliant, to let go of the training wheels. I know what you mean but never thought about it like that. Yes, I want to be God reliant, being able to give and receive with an open heart. Able to hear His words and know without a doubt they are from God.

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