The Soul & Awakening

Before talking about the topics The Soul & Awakening, I’d like to say that integrity, honesty, being real, being logical, looking at the demonstration of love and truth in what I’m learning, and experiencing are some personal qualities that are very important to me.

My intentions are to share what I have learnt and feel in my soul to be God’s Truth and most importantly not only what I have learnt, but what I have experienced and has helped me with my soul growth in Love.

Awakening for me means, to become aware that you have a soul. Your soul is the real you! Your soul has attributes and qualities: Emotions, feelings, passions, desires, personality, free will, memory, instinct, intentions, natural love, energy.

Your soul lives on in the spirit world after the physical body dies and further progresses it’s soul in either: Natural love or Divine Love in the spirit world. In my sleep state I often visit the spirit world and have witnessed my mothers progress since her passing one year ago and I have also learnt things about my own soul through experiencing parts of the spirit world. Many things that I have been shown in my sleep state have shown up as truth in my physical life. There is no doubt for me that the spirit world exists and that your soul can progress either on earth or in the spirit world.

Growing your soul in love while on earth is one of the most important and loving things you can do for yourself and others. One of the Laws that govern the spirit world, is whatever your soul condition is in when you pass into the spirit world; this is where your home will be; with other souls in the same condition as yourself. As you grow your soul in love, you can progress to higher spheres or dimensions.

God created our soul, so that we could have the potential to experience God’s Love. The condition of our soul before incarnating into a physical body is in a pristine condition, has personality, instinct and Natural love. The soul does not have consciousness of itself, awareness of choice or free will, does not have Divine Love. Our soul incarnates into a physical body so that it can become aware of itself, aware of free will and gain consciousness of choice. We come to learn about ourselves, about love and about God if we choose to, as God has given us the gift of free will to choose for ourselves.

Spiritual development is growing our soul in love, in either:

💗 Natural love – the love that comes from within yourself and is expressed to others. (Kingdom of man) limited development.

💗 Divine Love – the love that comes from God, which enters and transforms the human soul. (Kingdom of God) infinite development.

As I journey through my own soul progress in Love, I’m always asking God to show me and teach me about Her Love and Truth and to show me the Truth about my soul. God has shown me through my souls eyes many of the things I have talked about to do with our souls creation, which has confirmed some of what I am learning and has helped my faith to grow.

To know for sure, is to experience it for yourself, thats how faith grows.

God’s Truth brings wisdom and freedom to be the soul God created you to be!

Jennene 💗 

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  1. joedalio

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words! Our soul is who we really are, and it’s our infinite being. The more we are aware of it, the more inspired we are, resulting in a life of blessings and bliss 🙂

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