Seeing Me Through God’s Eyes

Something I haven’t given thought to, until recently.

I have talked a bit about healing my soul by removing error and false beliefs from my soul in some of my posts. A part of healing and growing our soul in Love, is also becoming aware of our souls potential. The soul God created us to be; the pristine soul we were before we incarnated into a physical body; before we absorbed errors and false beliefs from our environment and from the unloving choices that we make in life.

One of God’s many gifts to us, is being able to see ourselves through the eyes of God. God’s Love has opened up my heart enough for me to feel some of how God sees me and feels about me. How God sees us may be very different to how we see and feel about ourselves. God knows everything about me, he knows more about me then I do. God knows what errors have been released from my soul, what errors I haven’t released and God knows my souls potential, beyond anything that I could imagine. God sees what our true soul condition is and unconditionally Loves and Cherishes all His children equally. God is always open and ready to take us into Her Arms of Love and show us the soul She created us to be.

 God gave our soul unique personality and our personality is a gift to the world

Discovering and nurturing our gifts, is a gift of love to ourselves and to the world. What I’m noticing as my soul grows in Love, is seeing the beautiful gifts in others. I have just finished watching the TV show – The Voice Australia, what amazing talent each of these people have and I enjoyed watching their unique personality shine as they performed. They gave me the gift of hearing their beautiful, amazing voices, they inspired me, they showed courage, parts of their personal life, their love and what it means to discover, nurture and share our gifts with all.

An inspiration to discovering more of my own personality and the gifts that God has given me. 🙂

With love & gratitude

Jennene 💗