To love like God Loves

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like, to love like God Loves, or even if it’s possible?

What would it feel like to know what Real Love is, Pure Unconditional Love?

What would it feel like to receive Love from our Divine Parent?

A Love that is gentle, kind, caring, merciful, patient, compassionate, wise, intelligent, nurturing, abundant, creative, passionate, joyful, peaceful, beautiful, authentic, tenderness, respectful, generous, simple, logical, perfect, always in harmony with Love & Truth, always respects your free will, does not harm, demand, punish or sacrifice.

God’s Love is the most beautiful Gift we can receive

What I have come to learn and experience, is God’s Love begins to transform your soul into a more loving soul and the walls that we build up around our heart, to protect us from all the hurt, pain and suffering throughout our life, begins to melt away and soften our hearts. Our heart begins to open up to love, to feeling God’s Love in our soul. Over time I have begun to notice and feel many changes in my soul and how much they have had such a positive effect on my life and on my family as well.

God’s Love is Pure and therefore very different to the love that I have learnt from childhood and from my environment, which brings no doubt when I feel God’s Love in my soul. When I’m out of harmony with God’s Love and Truth, I immediately feel this error in my soul and I have feelings around my heart area that don’t feel very good. As I begin to feel this error, God corrects me by showing me what His Love would do. God communicates to me from His Soul to my soul and I begin to learn a new way to Love, to love like God Loves. God is always gentle and very loving when She corrects me and I’m amazed at how quickly and positive the changes are on my soul and how it transforms interactions with others.

God desires to have a personal relationship with all His children and for all Her children to receive the Gift of Her Love. God has given us the gift of free will, so if we desire to receive God’s Love then we can use our will to pray to God from our heart and soul to receive God’s Love.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the whole world loved like God Loves?