Get Real So You Can Heal!

Get Real So You Can Heal, is a mantra that has been popping up in my thoughts over the past couple of weeks. So I felt I would be brave enough to share how these words have helped me as I have been feeling my emotions to do with creating my first blog site.

Over the years of working through many different emotions, the words that have been consistent in my thoughts are: to be true to myself, to see and feel the truth about whats going on in my soul and in my life. I find writing a very helpful tool as it is another way of bringing more awareness of my souls condition on a deeper level; much healing has taken place as I reflect back on what I have written in my journals – which has been a very valuable gift.

My Journal

 Get Real So You Can Heal!

I have been wanting to start sharing my passions for many months, but I had some emotions to work through, to get to the point of finally sharing it. The emotions that surfaced were fear of judgement, unworthiness, what will people think about my passions, if my passions are so personal, why do I want to share them? With much praying to God for help in getting to the cause of these emotions, I was able to work through some of these emotions which gave me more courage and faith to start sharing my passions through blogging.

I don’t know if blogging will continue to be the place to share my passions, but I know I had to start putting my passions and desires into action. I felt like I could no longer keep them inside of myself. My desire grew stronger and so did my faith in God to guide my way.

I’m very excited to be now sharing my passions, but at the same time I am working through more emotions that arise from actually posting very personal experiences for all to see. I find it very easy to write for myself as this is something I do quite frequently, but I haven’t found it easy to publicly write about whats in my heart and soul. This process has brought to me more awareness and appreciation of everyone out there that are blogging or commenting online about their personal experiences from their heart. Which shows me the answer to my question; why do I want to share something so personal? Apart from having a desire to share my passions, what comes to mind, is something I hear and see many times while watching shows like Oprah, Dr Oz and from my own personal experiences; is in sharing our story, our experiences it may help another. For me I have been helped many times by hearing someone else’s story and have been inspired by the changes they have made as they have grown and learnt from the experiences in their life. I wouldn’t be writing this now on my blog if I hadn’t had assistance from many of my brothers and sisters.

So this is my chance to thank you all for sharing, loving, caring and having the courage to put yourself out there. You have all inspired me to do the same.

Love to you all,

Jennene 💗