Divine Truth Flash Cards

A few weeks ago I found these Flash Cards on the Divine Truth Website, they are an overview of Divine Truth designed to assist learning the English language, and learning about God’s Truths at the same time. The Flash Cards print out in A4 size or the Summary cards print in a small size, as seen in the photo’s below.

I thought this was a fantastic idea, so I printed the A4 size and put them in a folder for my family and I to read, and enjoy learning and feeling more deeply about God’s Truths. I also printed the Summary Cards, cut them out and laminated them. I found a love card holder stand (photo below) in a gift shop and each day I change the cards so it tells the story of our creation and about our soul. They brought the child out in me and I had fun creating ideas with them. 🙂

DT Flash Cards

Divine Truth Flash Cards – Prints in A4 size

Love Card Holder

Divine Truth Summary Cards – Prints in small size

Zoe had a creative idea using the Flash Cards for her children, which I thought was really beautiful. If you would like to read Zoe’s story you can find it here on Mary’s blog – Notes Along The Way.