God Is My Inspiration

In developing my relationship with God, I asked myself, if I was beginning to develop a relationship with a friend, and if I had a desire to know my friend and for our friendship to grow closer, then I would need to spend time with my friend so we could get to know each other. So I began a friendship with God. I started talking to God about everything; I tell God everything about myself that I am aware of, I am very inquisitive and ask lots of questions about my environment, the world, the universe, and I have a desire to know everything about God. I pray to God to help me purify my soul, and to teach me and show me what Real Love is. As God shows me I begin to live this love in my life; although I often miss the mark of love, I am learning to become more loving towards myself and others. As my relationship with God grows and I begin to learn more about myself and about Love, I have found myself becoming more humble and embracing a new way of living and being.

God is my Inspiration for growing in Love

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This new way of living has brought to me awareness of some of God’s Loving Laws and I am beginning to live in harmony with these laws. I have found the more I embrace God’s Laws in my life, the more peaceful, loving and joyful my life becomes, and the more I feel my soul growing in love towards God. When I choose not to live in harmony with God’s Laws (not in harmony with Love & Truth), then I experience pain and suffering which I have either created or I have absorbed error and false beliefs from my environment (mostly from childhood, which are unfelt emotions of anger, fear, sadness and grief). These emotions give me an opportunity to learn more about myself and to feel where these errors/ emotional injuries came from. When I desire to feel the cause of these emotions, I release them from my soul and my soul begins to heal; my soul begins to purify. What I am learning and have experienced from my own actions towards another, is to feel my emotions without projecting these feelings onto another, as this not only harms another soul, but it further harms my own soul. Growing in love is taking personal responsibility for healing my own soul, because no-one else can do it for me and I desire to heal, to grow in love and be the soul God created me to be.

Our experiences in life are opportunities to learn more about our soul, to heal our soul and to grow in love and truth.

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  1. Debbie

    Very beautiful words. Thank you for sharing your journey and insight to finding gods love.

    Blessings xx

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