World Peace Day

World Peace Day Poster

Kayla’s Year 6 – World Peace Day Poster

Imagine if every day was World Peace Day. 

What would it require for us to live everyday in peace, harmony and love?

  • It requires more then just thinking and speaking positive, for real change to take place we need to use our will to make choices in harmony with love. We can make peace with ourselves, by taking personal responsibility for healing our own soul – a gift of love to ourselves and to the world – love in action.
  • To take responsibility for our actions.
  • To treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • To recognise we are all family and to love one another as we love ourselves.
  • We are all equal – men, women and children.
  • To recognise life is a precious gift to be treasured & embraced with love.
  • To recognise love is a gift. When someones gives their love to you, it is a gift, not a requirement, an expectation or a demand. How are we treating the gift of love? Do we show gratitude, appreciation and respect for this beautiful gift?
  • To be authentic and live with love, truth, honesty, integrity and humility in our life.
  • To have compassion, understanding and respect for ourselves and others.
  • Respecting everyones free will.
  • To remove from our soul all error and false beliefs, purifying our soul.

Freedom from pain, suffering, addictions, fear, anger and illnesses comes when we heal and purify our soul.

Resulting in World Peace!

Peace One Day

I am in the process of making peace with myself – by healing my soul – which will help to contribute some peace in the World.

Everyday we can choose to heal our soul, we can choose to love and be kind. Everyday we can choose to make our life and someone else’s life better and help make peace a reality.

What can you do today that will change your life and the World into a place of peace, harmony and love? 💗